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Kibble Diet Myths

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Wheres the research that says kibble is good for the teeth? I remember it was an article published that lit through the veterinary field. Then later it was proven false. Where is the proof, are there papers to back it up from veterinarians? I'm having to hold my own in an argument and I need real facts.
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Sorry, the only article I have posted was that the popular view was changing in the veterinary community - it supported that dry food is NOT better for dental health. If you need this article link again, in support of canned, let me know.
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Anything will help right now.
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this might help also

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The only "research" I have seen in favor of kibble was on vet school sites or pet food company sites..
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I'm getting blasted on another board about raw food in relation to dogs. Its hard because most of my reading has been regarding cats, though some has been with dogs and can carry over. I understand the differences between the diets needed for dogs and cats and such. Someone asked about how to go about doing this diet for their dog and since its a school based message board its loaded with vet students. I'm being shot down for "being a computer science major" and not having any credentials. Its a very heated debate. I got into the conversation after the original poster was pretty much scared off from posting there again. I saw the thread a little to late .
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well I advocate the raw for the dogs too as does my vet...

Gigi has bad allergies and a raw diet has cut them by 65% and she does have kibble ( evo and ultra right now) .... she is 8 and has so much energy..lol.. I am a human nutrition major( half way thru.. on the slow route) ... My animals on it are so good now I am considering it for me... If you want I can send you some "real" data .. I am not home now so no access to bookmarks
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