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My boyfriend got me matching beautiful pink saphire heart shaped ring, earings, and necklace. Guess I'm a spoiled girl I've always wanted a ring but he was afraid that it would be too 'engagementy'. I guess the next one I get will finally be the one, just got a couple years to wait lol Here's a pic, it's blury b/c it's with my camera phone, I'm so obsessed!

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I kept my word (hee hee but I don't have to for the day *after* Valentine's day - the anniversary of getting engaged) re not buying him something this year due to the computer stuff we bought for him, but had already bought him a huge spotted stuffed frog (it's an inside joke, he's getting quite a collection now), and a card that says
"You're the man I love, you're the shoulder I lean on, the hand that I hold, the eyes with the message that never grows old, the smile that is part of each warm memory - you're everything special that means love to me"

His present to me is arriving tomorrow, but he also had a lovely bouquet of stargazer lilies and iris delivered to me today, along with a small heartshaped box of truffles
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My hubbie got me the absolutely best present ever today. After a LOOOONNNNGGG day at work (7AM until 6PM with no lunch), I arrived home to find the house clean (dusted, vacuum, floors washed, laundry done), a dozen red roses, and one of my favorite meals cooking on the stove (the meal that I cooked him when he proposed).

I didn't need the roses or the dinner. The clean house was enough of a present! WOOHOO!!
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I love Valentines Day!

I got home tonight and I walked into the apartment and there were over 100 red, white and pink rose petals on the floor in the living room with about 30 lit candles and he was standing there to greet me at the door - of course, I cried! He handed me a little box - which inside was a princess cut diamond Past, Present and Future necklace The one I've wanted for so long!

He had the apartment all cleaned for me, we had pizza and watched a movie together and enjoyed the romantic evening Definately the best Valentines Day ever!
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Jon got me a dozen roses
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i got a headache. thats what my sweety gave me.
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Scott and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day much anymore. We went out to eat last night (so we wouldn't have to deal with the crowds tonight). He also surprised me by putting a box of chocolates in my car while I was working. I was surprised! I thought we weren't going to do anything for eachother! I made him a 3 course meal though, and may take him to the movies later this week.

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My husband took me to lunch today since we are on diffrent shifts now. This year has alot of meaning for us. Last valentines day was spent doing pre-op prep for his colon surgery and our best friends gave up their valentines night to come and support us. To make a long story short I almost lost him to a surgery complication. We are both just so happy to have each other this year that we didn't do cards or presents. Having him here to tell me he loves me is enough!
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hubby brought me two lovely coffee bean candles, a gold necklace, soemthing i can't mention here, a magnet that says 'beware of the dog' and underneith 'the cat is not trustworthy either we had a bottle of wine on the night and watched a movie and he's taking me out to dinner on the weekend.

i brought him a card, a travel game that includes backgammon, checkers and chess, something i can't mention here and two books, one is a book on free camping spots in the south of WA where we will be moving back to in less than three months, i brought him that book because when ever we go camping he can never find a spot lol, the other book is all about bush tucker, once we went for a drive and jeff picked an 'olive' froma tree and ate it but it wasn't an olive and he said it tasted terrible, he's eaten other 'bush tucker' too lol, so i thought this book would help....

when we had no money i made him a book of love coupons, he loved it and still has it now, it makes a great valentines gift, i included things like massages, uninterupted shed time and lots of other stuff...
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isn't it funny how many of us are waiting on engagement rings?
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I got home and there was a HUGE bag on the counter. When he got home I opened it. There were 2 CD's a 1/2 lb Mr. Goodbars (my favorite and hard fro me to find) A stuff rose, peanutbutter hershey kisses, and a huge card. And he helped clean up the kitchen after dinner!!
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When my fiance (we got engaged exactly 1 year ago today) picked me up from work yesterday he presented me with a bag. In it was a teapot that I have been wanting, it is glass and holds loose tea in the center, and 2 giftcards. Once was for Victoria Secret and the other for Starbucks. I was very suprised
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I think DH could use some coaching from some of your guys. I got a leather stuffed kidding.
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well mine made up for the headache yesterday today, he did house work, got me two stuffed animals and is getting my fav chineese food right now
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Everyone seems to have had a lovely day. We do things in halves at the moment because we're pretty broke until Mark graduated (I'm counting down the days)
When I got home he gave me my card which was lovely, just lovely words and the 3rd series of Scrubs! Which I've been waiting for, for ages! It only came out here on Monday.
I wasn't even expecting that so it was really nice. He liked his presents too.
We were really rushed because we were going out for dinner with his family. We had such a lovely evening and it was so nice to spend it with someone I love so much. His family were expecting me me to arrive with an engagement ring.
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No rings here either

I did get a beautiful bunch of tulips and taken out for dinner though ... that was last week.

I ended up spending Valentine's evening having dinner with a bunch of colleagues because we were all in Germany for work - very romantic

BTW, I got bf an ice-cream scooper - it's become a tradition - last year a potato masher, the year before a vegetable peeler,....
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You guys and your rings

I can tell you from experience... I got my ring at Valentine's lat year. It was much more exciting waiting for Valentine's each year and wondering if it was going to be THE year. This was my first Valentine's since the engagement and it didn't seem like a big deal at all. The only way I can describe it is to say it was a feeling of comfort. It lacked all of the excitment and anticipation. We actually got engaged on the day after Valentine's because my guy said he couldn't propose when I was expecting it. So while I was sulking the day after he oresented me with my ring.
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My bf got me a realllly pretty ring, he is getting so good at picking out stuff for me, I'm shocked. He always does everything in a very romantic way too, so getting it was part of the fun!

This is my first vday since being engaged and I think it was way more exciting than any before. Of course i never even thought of getting proposed on vday so maybe that's why. But this is the first year I really got into a valentines day, usually I'm very anti vday, but with bf it seems so special, especially now that we're engaged.
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