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Suddenly a LOT more vocal.

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Sam will usually come tell me if I've let his bowl get empty, or if he wants to be on my lap, but lately he talks ALL THE TIME, mostly in a high pitched squeaky voice.

Seeing as I don't speak cat, I don't know if he needs something or not. Usually when he does it his pupils are dilated, which makes me wonder if something is making him anxious. He's also been sitting closer to me, and watching me more intently.

There have been no changes in his lifestyle lately. The neighborhood has even been more quiet than usual. He doesn't have a temperature.. I thought he might not be feeling well. Now he's just mad at me for using the thermometer on him. Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but I'm curious to know if anyone has experience this before, or has any idea about what might be triggering this new behavior.
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my friend's cat started doing the same thing when it got older. It's about 13 now and meows constantly.
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How old is Sam? As they get older, there can develop certain conditions that will make them more vocal. If this is an older cat, it would be best to take him to the vet for a senior blood panel.
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I've been told that he's between two and four, but nothing is definite in that department. If he continues with this then I might take him in to get checked out anyway. Couldn't hurt.
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Can I share this thread?
Sleeves has just started talking all the time. Like all the time. He used to Miaow at stuff but now he chirps everywhere he goes. Mark has conversations with him, where Sleeves replies when Mark asks him a question.
On Saturday night we didnt set an alarm for Sunday and I said oh should I set one and get up to feed the cats, but we decided they'd wake us up at some point. Anyway, Sunday morning, 7am, when they usually get breakfast I hear Sleeves blabbering away. So I got up and fed them.
He's 9 months now, is this just the age for him to discover he has a voice and can get things with it?
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haha of course!
Sam will wake me up in the morning too. He thinks HE gets to decide what time I get up.
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