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UGH Massachuttes!!

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Okay, I know we have had this conversation before. However I am feeling very frustrated after coming home from Cape Cod.
Is it a conspiracy with the rotary's Do they think we must drive around several times in order to figure out which way we are going?? Is it really that amusing to watch drivers create lanes of thier own, just so they can cut you off when you think you have found your exit and you are forced to go around again?? As if it's not hard enough, they have to put 3 rotary's within a 5 to 10 mile distance from each other, this way you are even more unsure if you went the right way!!
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It's our way of discouraging tourism.

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Huh? What's a rotary? You mean like a round? I kinda like those, but I think there should be an instructional mailer or something. Some people do seem to be confused about how they work.
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I can see why the discourage tourism. Once the tourists get into the rotary, they can't get out and are forced to become residents
They are confusing until you get the idea, however I don't think there is any way to describe how the other drivers are thinking..LOL.
Does anyone know if the train bridge near the Bourne bridge is in operation?
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so you aren't going to take me to cape cod when i come visit!?!?!?
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You know Sandie that's a good question. I haven't been over that way in the longest time. I didn't think it was still running but I can't be certain. I should take a trip down to the canal. It'd bring back some memories.
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Ok I was just informed it is still running. **shrugs**
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I'll take ya AP....

Ummmmm Just let me go ask the Mrs..

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Hey, we Cape Codders enjoy the rotaries!!!!! hahaha.
They stink, yes, they do. I actually start sweating if I have to use one, when its tourist season. No offense to tourists, but they stick out like sore thumbs on Cape Cod and when they drive.........WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!! LOL. I'm only kidding.

So, did you have fun at the Cape Sandie?? It was beautiful weather mostly!!
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Sandie, yes the train bridge is in operation. I saw it going just last week.
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YEAH, it's working. I went past the thing like 5 times and was hoping to see it working! Oh well, maybe next time.
I actually did enjoy my stay. This is the first time I have stayed in that area. I usually do my visiting in Brewster. I had to work the whole time, but we did get out in the evening. I really enjoyed being on an Air station. I didn't realize how much I missed the sound of planes and helicopters. OMG, when we got there on Wed, I thought I was going to die. The temparary quarters we stayed at didn't have air!! After we went to see the Coast Guard dog we headed over to Shaws to get some sea food and air..lol. Thursday was an awsome day, whenever I got a break I went outside to enjoy the sun. Friday, the morning was chilly and damp, but it turned out to be really nice.
I actually get really peeved because I am not really a tourist anymore. I have been there enough times to drive with the best of them. I get mad because these MA drivers try to cut me off and treat me like a tourist because I have CT plates on the car
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Yeah I hear ya! If you have CT plates people just assume you are a tourist and tend to treat you differently. So on behalf of all my fellow Cape Codders, we are sorry Ken and Sandie!!!!!!!!
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