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Relationship vibes needed!

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You guys are probably wanting to strangle me for all the relationship stuff I bring to this site! But, once again, I've stumbled into something I need help from a higher power in. That's where you guys come in! (I already asked Him, but He does what He wants when he's ready, not necessarily when i am! ) Anyway, for all that saw the thread I wrote a while back:

Well, an old "friend" or I guess you could call him ex boyfriend called and wanted to go out for a drink tonight. I have been talking to him for about a week now. We met about 5 years ago and dated briefly then. The we saw each other once again about 4 months ago, right before I met Mark....I don't have much to say about why we keep hooking back up (not in that way) but it would be cool if something could come out of it for once! He's TOTALLY my type, rugged, outdoorsy, into fishing and all that, but my typical smart alec personality that I'm strangely attracted to, and that usually tends to get me into trouble... Well I guess I'll just take it as it is for now and see what happens from there. I know I am on the rebound, so maybe I won't care this time if it fails again....but who knows, three times a charm?

3 times wasn't a charm, he had some grief issues to deal with, his brother passed away in August and he pretty much went on a sadness binge and didn't let anyone in for a while. He sent me a text message (probably cuz he thought I'd yell at him) last Wednesday saying he was sorry and basically being the very understanding person that I am I started talking to him again, and I saw him this weekend. I don't want to jinx it by saying too much, just that things do seem to be different this time around. He contacts me every day, not like in the past where weeks would go by with no word, and he just seems different. Anyway, I'll let it play out but I need good thoughts. I REALLY like this guy...you know the song "You had me from hello?" THAT describes how I think of him, exactly. It was an almost magical meeting when we met years ago, instant attraction across the room filled with about 100 people, and the second I walked in the door, our eyes met, almost like they were electrically drawn there, all the way across the room, and it's been him for me ever since. Ever since 5 years ago, that song would remind me of him. Things seemed to keep getting in the way of us, though, and I am really hoping it will work out this time!!! We know I could really use some of that right now!
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Sounds like Spring is coming sooner than we thought!

Just kidding. Seriously, just let it play out and see what happens. Sounds good so far!

Sending you tons of good vibes that this turns out to be a great thing!
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Oooh, play it cool, see what happens, but good luck! {{{{VIBES}}}} coming your way!
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Tons of vibes coming from me! Good luck with this lucky guy!
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Good luck.
I am in a pised mood today i swear Valentines day Hates me!
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It sounds as though there is definitely something there between the two of you so I would just take it slowly and let things progress in their natural time. Maybe it was destined that you both would need this extra time and off and on meetings to be better prepared for your future together.
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Good luck in the renewed friendship!!!
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Vibes, vibes and more vibes your way!

If it's the right time this time... time will tell.

Good luck and I hope things work out the way you want them to!
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