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normal adjustment to soft paws?

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I brought my baby to the vets early today to have soft paws put on for the first time. I am wondering what a normal adjustment period is like. I feel like she is very upset. First of all, when the vet was putting them on her she made scary/sad sounds that I didn’t even know a cat could make (and she’s usually so good getting her claws clipped!). When I got her home I gave her a little extra wet food, which she ate, but she has been really groggy since. She won’t respond to her favorite toys, which she NEVER ignores. Aside from waking up and excessively grooming, she has basically been sleeping way more than usual (and in her kitty bed, which she hasn’t used since the first week we got her over several months ago). I’m just feeling really bad because she had only recently started scratching my leather couch in addition to her scratching post and I feel like I have traumatized her. Maybe she’s just unhappy about the trip to the vet, and it has nothing to do with the soft paws being on her? Or Maybe I'm just paranoid and she's fine! Also, when he clipped her claws and put the caps on, the nail was kind of frayed and it looked like a small sliver of it actually went outside of the cap and broke off…he said it was fine, but is this normal? Just wondering how anyone else's cats intially reacted. Thanks!!
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I've never used softpaws, but the lethargy sounds like your cat may have possibly picked up a bug from the vet's office.
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Did the vet do anything else at the time he put the softpaws on, like give her any vaccinations, or did he sedate her?

My cats were a little annoyed with me when I put softpaws on them, and walked around shaking their paws for a while, but that's all. They certainly weren't groggy. The reactions your baby is having make it sound like she might be ill or having some sort of reaction to a medicine or vaccine.

I think you should call your vet ASAP.
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