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Cat kills rat

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My cat just killed a rat and drug it inside the house through the kitty door. He left it on one of my rugs as a gift to me, I am sure, and what a gift it was! Aarg!
This whole experience left me feeling dirty, and creepy. I love my cat, but it grossed me out to think it was in his mouth.
My question is... does anyone know if it is dangerous for a cat to have contact with a rat(such as disease), and hence the owner as well.
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I think they can get worms if they eat it. I'm not really sure. But someone knowledgeable will be along soon!
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They do carry worms, so it would be wise to de-worm your cat if he hasn't been wormed recently. Rats can carry salmonella and other diseases, but it really isn't that common. The best thing you can do when kitty brings you this type of present- is get some newspaper, put on a pair of rubber gloves and wrap the rat up tightly in the newspaper to dispose of it. It really depends on where you live as to what type of parasite the rat brings in.
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