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My Mom's Special Needs Cat...

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I don't know if this is in the right place, so if its not I apologize.

My family has had a cat, Bailey, for 8 years. She is definitely an unusual cat.. her vet describes her as "nervous."

Basically, her interaction with the world around her is very limited, and that is how she feels safe. She lived in our (furnished and warm) basement for most of her life, and bonded to my brother. Bailey is unable to clean herself and has to be groomed regularly. She will hide from people and not come out unless she is VERY used to them. She is very overweight, probably due to inactivity. So far, she doesn't have any medical conditions as a result of this, which is probably by pure luck. She cannot be free fed.

The problem is, my brother has left for college. Bailey doesn't like to be left alone, so she ventured upstairs and started sleeping on my parents bed. Because my mom has had limited contact with her for so many years, she didn't realize she was allergic to her.

Now that Bailey is upstairs, my mom gets severe migraine headches a couple times a week. She has been to an allergist and is trying to figure out a way to live with the situation. My mom is pretty much unable to leave the house a lot of the time because she is so sick. She locks Bailey out of her bedroom so she isn't affected in her sleep, but it hasn't done much.

I made this thread to ask what to do in the event that my mom can't live with the situation. She feels terrible and does NOT want to get rid of the cat. I think Bailey has a lot of good years left in her, but she would need a special kind of home. I live several states away, so I can't help my mom directly in looking for a new place to live, should it come to that. I also can't take Bailey myself, because my cat does not get along with other animals.

How can I find the right place for Bailey? I don't want her to spend the rest of her days in fear. She's never known anything other than my family and my house. I don't just want to hand her off to a cat loving family without them having any idea what they're in for. She does not behave like a normal cat.

any input would be appreciated. Sorry for the long read.
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i am sorry to hear about your mums allergy

i dont know about allergies but i'm sure there must be some thing that can help your mom to overcome her allergy or maybe minimise it to make it more tolerable.

if she doesnt have much luck with prescription meds i would try some herbal remedy.

i hope things improve for your mum.but at least you are planning for the future of bailey if things dont.

bailey sounds like a little gem
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There are many things your mom can - not that I am an expert but she should consult an allergist first. But there are simple steps - taking out rugs, medication - and there are many kinds on the market now (surely someone here can assist), NOT sleeping with the cat but keeping her close if thst is what this poor kitty is accustomed to. But I;d never give up on a cat so special to your family - she is a family member after all.
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She is SUCH a sweet cat. Whenever we take her to the groomers they just love her. I know my mom will do everything she can to get this worked out. We have a really good allergist and I'm sure he can suggest something. I guess I just like to prepare for the worst.. just in case.
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