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We have kitties there are three so far. Franny's water broke at 1:31 and it is now 3:45, and she is working on another.
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Theres four now
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Congrats on the new additions!!
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Congratulations! Any more on the way?
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she is still working at it i think she is cleaning a new one as I write this. will let you know as soon as i know.
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Congratulations! Hope it goes well!

Keep us updated. This is very exciting, almost like being there . . .
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Ooooo kitties!!! Congratulations!! Let us know how many there are all together.
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I think she has finished there are five all together the last one delivered at 4:40pm. Nothing since that time. They all came out butt first though and she is such a great mother, she is lying down with them now and they are all nursing and doing fine.
She broke her water at 1:31pm and then delivered the first at 2:23pm and from there the second at 2:42, then the third at 3:29, the fourth at 3:51 and the last at 4:40pm.
She just made me wonder if she is having more but seems to be just cleaning herself.
The last few days I have let her wander my bedroom cause she suddenly wanted to get out of the cage. So I just left the cage door open and let her roam. Well today she suddenly jumped up in there and I was wondering what in the world. I happened to look and her water broke. Then she started pushing. I got worried though when the first one come out with the tail first and called the vet. He assured me that it was normal and she would be fine.
So anyway just after the last one was born I got a phone call to go pick up another stray and I did. Now we have to work on making friends with him. He is in my little shelter downstairs for now.
This is so great I love doing this. Things like this make it all worthwhile.
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Congrats!!!!! I love kittens.
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Congrats on the new additions! I just love the little babies. It sounds like Franny is a good mom. What are the babies (and mom's) coloring? We would love to see pics...
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Deb Myers and I will take pics on Monday to show you.
There are Three gray ones and two black/white ones.
Definitely two females so far I will check the other three later after she sleeps for a while. Franny let me touch one of them.
It didn't look like it was moving, so I pet her and nudged it on its butt and it moved. So it was fine. I won't touch them again right away, just so she can get used to it.
They are so cute. She is a great mom, she is lying there and letting them eat and everything.
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Franny's coloring is gray/blk/white tabby
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Aaaaawwwww! I love black and white babies! Can't wait for the pix!!
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My boss's digital camera is sure getting a lot of kitty use this past couple of weeks......wish I never had to give it back! hehehe
I stopped by Nancy's house this noon time on my lunch hour. Momma was getting ready to give birth. I was sooooo excited. Can't wait to meet the little ones on Monday! YIPPE!!!!
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Must be so nice to have tiny kittens at home... Once again congrats to Franny, job well done!
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Franny is doing great all five are still going strong, they are huge though. That must be why she was soooo big.
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Awww Congrats on the new babies!!!! Wonderful!! Can't wait to see pic's!!!
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