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I'm back, and a question: Cat doesn't purr?

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I've been pretty busy as of late, but am still around. One of my cats, no matter how hard I try to hear him, does not purr. He is a very playful, happy and active cat, and rarely, if ever does he get lethargic or depressed. In fact, he is the first one to greet me at the door when I get home. Is this normal? Thanks, and I will read your replies and respond.
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Your cat sounds like a happy healthy kitty who just doesn't purr.
I would only be worried if it didn't make any noise ever or else used to purr all day long and suddenly stopped.
(I'm not a vet)
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Not all cats purr so I wouldn't be too worried about it!
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Thanks for both of your replies..That's interesting. I thought all cats did purr, but I guess not
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Some also purr so softly your can't hear it, and can rarely even feel the vibrations.
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Twitch doesn't purr & she's deaf, but then again Lola does purr & she's deaf. I guess it depends on the cat. There was one in the HS that never purred, but rather made a noise like it was working up a hairball when he should have been purring. Cats can be so very mysterious!
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Teddy doesn't purr much. Every once in a great while he will, but you have to either put your head on him, or put your fingers under his neck to feel/hear it. Like I said, it doesn't happen much.

PJ... you can hear her purr across a room.
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Stevie does not purr at all!! At least, not to my knowledge!!
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Willow doesn't purr either, though once in a while I feel the faintest vibration but it stops so suddenly that I wonder if I was just imagining it or the vibration was just from my fingers rubbing her fur. Mom says Willow purrs but it's very soft.
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Callie only purrs when I'm brushing her and maybe occasionally when I'm petting her. She didn't purr at all for the first couple of years I had her and she'll not purr if she's not feeling well or stressed. She's perfectly healthy, too. Sometimes I have to put my hand on her side to fee the vibrations, other times I can hear her purring very softly.

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