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I can't even have my pillow to myself! lol

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Last night about 2:45 AM I woke up feeling a little cramped on the pillow. Know what was wrong? Babykitty (Marnie) was coiled around my head on the pillow! lol She was quite annoyed when I turned over to sleep on my other side, because that meant SHE had to turn around so she could still see my face.

It is becoming difficult for me to fathom the degree to which I have spoiled my little trio. I can't help it, though, I LOVE 'em ...
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i hear ya!!! i have to watch as i turn over too! Prue will lay on one side of m knees/hips, and Icis will sleep tucked by my feet so i cant move,lol. This should be fun in the summer when its STICKY hot,,lol.
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One of my cats and one of my kittens sleeps with me and they take up half the bed. I have a double size bed so my cats can sleep with me. They get one half of the bed and I get the other. They don't even sleep on the covers they sleep on the sheets, so I get half the bed and all the covers.
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Yvonne uses those pillows with a low spot in the center for her neck. Tuffy loves to sleep on them. I have a old pillow like that in my old rocking chair so Tuffy would stop fighting Yvonne for hers. He also has one on top of the safe in the bedroom right by the window, he sleeps there allot also.
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I have a blanket for each of my cats..they sleep on either side of my pillow.

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When I go to bed, we start out with me on the pillow and Willow under the covers. By the time I wake up, Willow is on the pillow, and I've scooted down the bed and slept on my arm all night (half the time I wake up and can't feel my fingers!). Talk about a spoiled princess!
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When Otis broke his leg we slept on a matress on the floor with him so that I could hear when he was using his liter box, I had to help him get into the box. He got use to sleeping on the pillow with me so when he was healed he wouldn't stop sleeping on my pillow lol. Eventually I just added a pillow for him. Baby girl sleeps under the blankets with me and Mama sleeps on my chest from time to time Don't you just love cats!
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i want my cats to sleep with me! but both of them always wake me up before the sun is up. emma tries to bite my hair while mochi nibbles my legs and tries to get me to get up!
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My first cat, Sassy, used to sleep on my head - well, on the pillow, above my head, but her body was on the top of my head. I could always feel her up there, and she would groom me - by licking my hair. It was a little disconcerting having a cat up there, cute and sweet as it was.
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I feel everyones pain! Kind does the head wrap around and gets so angry if I move...she curses me out in kitty language if I get up to use the bathroom...oddly enough she will only do this to me and not my husband, the only thing she likes to do with my husband is get in between us (turning her back to me) if she hears his alarm go off for work???

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Phenom has to lay ontop of the covers (she is protecting daddy from me stealing all the blankets from him ) and she stretches out so that she can touch both of us!
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Lily likes to knead my armpit, so she sleeps between my arm & my body. Then, not only can she knead as much as she wants to, but she has a cozy little cave. Twitch was never much of a bed sleeper...unless she gets cold... Then she would lay on my face.
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I WISH Samuel would sleep when he's on my bed!

He seems to think that lights out means its time to attack various body parts.
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Bijou lays facing me with his head on the pillow and his front paws at my neck or around my neck. I cover him to just under his front paws. Sometimes he curls toward my face and puts his head on my cheek and I can barely breathe.
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Mini can be a pillow hog, too!
Sometimes I wake up & find that I've slid downward with no pillow, & usually that's because little Mini is curled up on it! She complains loudly when I move her, too. She also likes to walk across the pillow, & it will pull my hair. For such a little girl, she is a bed hog.
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I remember when Mishka was a little one- he used to sleep on my head and touch my neck with his paws- purring all the time... At first I loved it, then I got annoyed, cause he would not let me go to sleep easily, but then as the time passed he kind a wanted to sleep the way we do- his head on a pillow and the rest of the body is on the mattress... Now at nights when I go to bed first ( and Sasha is still watching TV) Mishka will follow me and SHARE the bed with me, laying on Sasha's pillow and touching my face with his paws- I go to sleep, Sasha comes, and Mishka got to go - pure baby! He spends his nights at a different places- bot mostly on my legs above the blanket I am covering up with! So as soon as Sasha's out for work- he can finally take his place and share the bed with me... Lol... I feel bad for you guys- this cat is so much like me- I remember time when alarm go off and I open my eyes and Mishka is right next to me on the other pillow. I'll ask him- what do you think, baby, couple more minutes won't hurt? And he closes his eyes in approving - and we both go back to sleep....for another hour or two... lol...
Now every time when I got to go to the bathroom at night and do my little business( and I got to do it pretty often now) - he follows me- it is so cute, guys, really- it is like he wants to make sure I am OK! Then we both go back to sleep- he ALWAYS makes sure I fall asleep first! ))) And Sasha tells me now that he also follows him to the door in the morning and then goes back to sleep with me.... So, our cat pretty much fills in for us and does what regular wife and husband should be doing for each other, but instead they are indulging in bed.. Lol...
I am so sorry for the long post- but, you really can see - I JUST LOVE MY CAT!
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