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Normal weight for adult domestic shorthairs?

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What is the normal weight for adult domestic shorthair male and female cats between the ages of 3-8?
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quote unqutoe average wt is 8-10lbs for a female cat ... having said that I have never owned one that was at proper wt in the ave range... Kandie is a 12-14lb normal wt ... Zoey should be about 10-11 but she is 9 a bit lean..

males usually weigh a lb or so more..

the vet is the best wt monitor..

small frame cats weigh 4-8 on ave

medium frame cats 8-12

large frame 12-16
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well, mine are all different, too! Pixel, at 11 pounds, is just a bit pudgy, but she's also now a senior cat [8 years] so that's understandable. Java at 10 pounds & Cable at 8 pounds are just right - Cable's just a daintier cat than Java!
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Depends on genetics,and activity level just like people

I have one thats 13 pounds (f), a 12 pounder (m), 10.5 pounds (m), 8.5 pounds (m)
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Bone structure makes a big difference - just like with people. PJ is kind of short and stumpy (not really, but her frame is smaller) - she's 11-12 years old and is 10-11 pounds. Teddy is going to be 9, and he is a big cat in terms of his bones - he has long, lanky limbs. He's 13 pounds, but doesn't look it.
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My Mama cat is over a year old and is a comfortable 7-7.5 pounds. She was the runt of the litter so I guess she'll always be small. Otis and Baby Girl are 7 months old and Otis is 6.5 pounds and Baby Girl hasn't been weighed in a while but she's heavy so she's probably about 7.5-8 pounds.
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I go more by the body type and boning and what they really look like. An oriental type with finer bones would average 6/7 lbs of solid muscle. An American SH type would average 10-12 lbs. A larger boned cat like Maine Coon type would go 13-16 lbs.

My cornish rex was a solid 7 lbs of muscle - he would be very fat at 10-12 lbs if he was going by "average" weight.
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I have a 6 year old female that weighs 15 lbs. She should probably weigh about 13 lbs. So a little overweight.

My male is 5 years old and weighs in at a perfect 11 lbs.
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My crew are all between 8 and 15 pounds and are basically in your age range...
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Each cat is different. My female, who happens to have a shorter body, is perfect at about 7-8 pounds. My male, who has a longer body, would be perfect at 10-12 pounds if he would ever eat enought (he's below 9 pounds right now). My boyfriend's family has 5 cats, three of which are hugely overweight and are between 16 and 20 pounds. One is underweight at about 5 pounds (she should be 6 pounds, but she's very petite), and the other has lost weight due to illness.

Basically, it depends on the cat.
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Harley is 7 months and he's at a healthy 9lbs - he's not fat or overweight at all - he's just built as a big kitty! The vet said he's perfectly healthy and at a good weight for his build

More cuddling that way!
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My 4 year old tuxedo cat Prince is 15 pounds!! I thought he was big, but the vet said for his bone size,he is about normal.He doesn't have a huge belly,just a little pudge. he pretty solid all over. Smokey Joe,is a 2year old Maine Coon,and he is 11 pounds.I think he someday will get bigger than Prince! Have read that Maine Coons can get pretty big.
Misty sue,the 3 year old "woman" of the house is a dainty 9 pounds.
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