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I got a move on!

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I'm not sure if any of you remember but a few weeks ago i was pondering weather to advance my german or go directly to work.

Today i had a German test to enroll at the VHS (its a school type of thing), I did pretty well, infact much better than what i thought.
I did course 1 of german back in 2003, and completed it... then i dropped out the first week of course 2 because i was stupid and had problems that had to be dealt with first..
So i asked to enroll into course two, untill the lady said "you speak german too good to be doing this level, take the test and we will see which class you will be in"

I ended up getting 85% on my german Grammer test, which is very good (for me anyway) and i got put into the 4th class!.
the only downside of it was that there were a few people before me who were on the same level as me and got into the course i wanted (by the time it was my turn it was all full.. mind you i waited 2 hours after completing my test just to give them my information!!).

But I start March 20th! Its a 3 day course a week, untill June, Then i will take another test and see if i can go intermediate or have to go onto level 5!
I feel very smart today!
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Congratulations Fran!!
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Way to go!
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That is great!
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Congratulations Fran!

Now you're a smarty-pants!
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well done Fran!

Your a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for!
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WTG, Fran! It's really important for you to learn German fairly fluently to become integrated here and work (sorry, I know you've heard that from me before), and it looks like you are making quite some progress.
Practice as much as you can - being surrounded by native speakers, television, radio, the press, etc., will really help. Don't worry about not having "perfect" grammar or pronunciation. Understanding, and making yourself understood, is what counts. I hope the course is fun!
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Yes, the mistakes in my grammer today was because i wrote the things as if i was speaking english but in german words

The lady who tested me said my german was very sweet
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Wow Congrats!!! Have fun in the classes!!
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Well Done!!!

Congratulations and have fun doing the course.
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That's awesome Fran!!CONGRATULATIONS!
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Congratulations! That's awesome.
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ooo congrats Fran and well done you!! Told you you could do it didn't I?
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