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New kitty in town!

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Meow Hello all kitty lovers...I am totally new to this site. I've heard about ya'll from someone over on Beliefnet! So, I thought I'd tromp on over here and check it out!

My name here is's my kitty's nickname!

My kitty is Smokey and he will be 13 years old in August 2002! Of course he has NO idea that he is 13...he is very in touch with his "inner kitten"...and helping me to get more in touch with my own "inner child". I love my Smokey more than life sometimes...I love the way he sleeps on my head...or next to my face or chest...with one paw reaching out to touch me.

When I lay down to do a meditation...Smokey is always there...on my left side...laying his head on my shoulder

I have even written a poem about him last summer! One day...I'll share with ya'll if you'd like!

OH! there's a mouse...gotta go!
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Welcome to the site! I completely understand about loving your kitty more than life. I feel the same way about mine. We would love to hear more about Smokey. I Love your name, and Smokey's nickname. Too cute!

We have a forum set up just for writing like your poem about Smokey - Paws and Reflect. I'm sure we would all like to see it.

Hope to see you posting often!
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Welcome from another newbie, I also joined today. So nice that you and Smokey meditate together, meditation is so important right.
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Hello Val and Kitty&Casper!

How can I post a pic of Smokey on here?

Thanks for the warm welcome...once I figure out how to work this site...posting, etc...I'm sure I'll be in here tellin all kinds of kitty stories!

Smokey almost got Freddie...Freddie is the house mouse! He's been sneaking Smokeys food and stashing it for another my blender! hee hee...

But The Smoke Man nearly got him yesterday morning! I think it's about time Smokey has discovered that there is a mouse in the house!

Smokey likes to hang out on the deck basking in the sun!
he also loves to get brushed while sitting on the deck. He even has his very own deck chair! I'm tellin ya...that cat owns me...but, I'm not complaining. He is, aferall, the only man in my life who has never ever hurt me, he doesn't complain about my cooking, he lets me come and go when I want, he comes home everynite...and he is faithful!
Ok, so I'm in love with my kitty. He is my soul mate, ya know!

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I completely understand about loving your kitty so much. My hubby has actually told me he gets a little jealous about how much time I spend with my babies!

To post pics, you have to have them on a website that allows remote viewing. Some people here recommend It is a free service. When it's on the web, right click on the pic to view the properties. Copy the address and paste it in the prompt when you click the IMG button at the top of your post (in the VB Code section).

Hope this helps! Join in The Cat Lounge where we talk about everything under the sun, and kitty stories are always most welcome!
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HI! Glad you found us. I'm thinking that you don't really want your baby to find that poor little mouse--unless it runs across your bare feet, that is!
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Hello and welcome! Let us know when kitty catches Freddie! Its nice to see a new face around here. Please post your poem so we can read it!
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Hi everyone...thanks for the warm welcome!

I will try to post a pic of Smokey..his pic is on a website...msn communities or some such!

<img src="">

did it work?

Sarah, My poem is posted in the poem thread...paws and reflect, I think it's called.

Smokey still has not gotten Freddie...and whoever said it, is right...I really don't want Smokey to kill him...even if he does run across my bare feet! I'm silly like that.
I found a mouse outside on Sunday...poor little guy...he died monday...I burried him in ground under a pine tree.

I did my best to make his last moments comfy. So did Smokey...I used Smokey's fur to line a basket for the little sickie mouse. Smokey didn't mind at all...he loves to get brushed...Usually the birds use his shedded fur to line the nests..
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I did it! I did it! I did it!


that's my Smokey Bear....on the deck...looking for the brush! I gotta get more pics of him on that as I can put em on here!
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Sorry to hear about the little mouse. But I have to say, that's a great idea for cat hair-leave it out for the birds for their nests. Now that it's spring, my cat Ivo is shedding like there is no tomorrow. I've just been vacuuming it up-I'll have to put it out for the birds who nest on my building.
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Puffkitty, I am just as silly about animals as you! As a young married 20 yr.old I had never had a mouse in the house, so I was shocked to see mouse droppings and chewed paper on a roll of Lifesavers in an otherwise empty kitchen drawer. I could just imagine this huge, evil thing running across my feet or into our bed! I bougt a trap, and loaded it with cheese. Night after night, the mouse, who now had the name, Rodney, took the cheese and evaded the trap. We would sometimes hear it go off, and run in the kitchen to see this monster, but---no mouse. My dad brought us an old fashioned wooden mouse trap, and we set it. Two nights Rodney evaded it, and got the cheese. Then we got him!! I was thrilled until I saw Rodney. This monster was a cute little brown mouse with a white tummy, and we had killed him. Needless to say, I cried, saying that all he wanted was a package of lifesavers. That's the last time I killed a mouse. I can't say the same for my cats!
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Hey Jeannie....I can totally relate to not killing the critters. I wont even kill spiders in my house..I move them to the outside!
I wont allow anyone to put mouse traps in my home...if we are going to get rid of the mice...there are other ways of doing it. In Walmart, they have this gadget thingy that you plug in any makes a highpitched noise and rodents don't like it! so they leave...from what i understand it is safe for the in house pets.

I usually just ask the critters to leave...or if they need to stay...I tell them that they can stay as long as they don't bite me or run across my bed! hee hee. I am a strange least that's what all my friends tell me!
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Hope I spelled your name correctly...(by the wya, Jeanie...sorry I put too many n's in your name)

I heard a long time ago about using the kitties fur for the birdies...
many different critters use his fur for their nest.

It's our (Smokey's and mine) way of 'giving back' to nature! He loves to get brushed...we do this on the steps of the deck...he gets so into it...rolling around and whatnot...that he'll often fall off the bottem step! he only falls an inch to the ground....but you should see the expression on his kitty face when it happens!
he's so proud...he just looks at me like he meant to fall off the step!

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Hi, again, PuffKitty. I have two of those electronic gadgets. I got Riddex from QVC, and put one on each floor, basement and upstairs. I've had them for two years--no mice, but the spiders don't seem to mind it. I understand Tarantulas can't stand it, but I am not a spider lover. I do kill ants, and I don't like spiders. I guess I'm not exactly Dr.Albert Schweitzer,* with his great respect for all living things, but I do love most wild life. I like spiders when they do their very useful job outside, and ants are fascinating to watch, but stay out of my house, please!
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Hee hee, Jeanie...

I guess I take the Native American way a little serious. I believe that all creatures, great and small, are creations of Great, I try my best to harm none. However, I will admit that I smash the life out of wasps and bees...only when I find them in my house. I do, before smashing them, thank them for the pollenation of flowers and whatever other jobs they do before I kill them.

I even thank the branches of dead trees for allowing me to use them in my sacred fires!

I try my best to have an "attitude of gratitude"...

My boyfriend calls me Snow White...I'm constantly talking to the critters around my yard.

The Great Horned Owls have names, too. Sophia and Logos (these are Greek words meaning wisdom)!

I have named the Red Tailed Hawks ...Bernie and Zazoo!

Don't know what Zazoo means...but that's name of the bird in the Lion King!

Told ya...I'm strange!

Love and Light
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I just wanna play with the smilies and, I figured that I'd do it here...

anyone else wanna play?

:tounge2: :blossom: :chicken: :egypt: :flash: :angel2: :disturbed :confused3 :owl: :martian: :afrorainb :blubturq: :splitter: :baloon: :rainbow: :kitty5: :daisy:

hee hee...these are funnnnnnnnn
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That is such a beautiful way of seeing nature. I've always admired that about Native Americans. You have such a connection with all living things that most of us lost a long time ago - generations ago.
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I gotta share this with ya'll...

Smokey has been drinking water out of a cup on the end table! He started doing this about a month or so ago. When my brother came to stay for a while (soon he'll be gone and it's just me and smokey..I can't wait) bro had his cup of really weak iced tea on the end table...Smokey just climbed up on the loveseat and proceded to be his nosey little self...and ended up drinking quite a bit of my bro's tea! so, I put a cup of of water there instead...he will not allow anything but that cup to be at that specific corner of the table! And...he'll sit on the loveseat and wait for me to fill his cup with fresh water! I've even had him sitting on my lap drinking out of the cup!

geez, do ya think i'm spoilin him?
not like i'm gonna stop, but i just thot i'd ask!

hee hee

Love and Light!
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hee hee! Ya know i have a mouse (Freddie) in my house. Well, appearently he has least two little ones! And last nite these two little mice were sitting at Smokey's food dish pigging out! It was the funniest site I'd ever seen. My belly hurts from giggling so much! I can't believe these mice are so bold as to actually eat from the cat's food dish!

Lucky for the little ones, Smokey was outside chasing baby bunnies...I'm not so sure I want him to get the mice in the house. I'm sure it's not the most sanitary thing to allow mice to live in the house...but, I just can't bring myself to displace them!

Oh...and I must tell you this...
Friday (april 26th) was a fullmoon. I had a Sacred Fire Ceremony (pagan mixed with Native American tradition)...many people were in my yard around the fire...doing world peace meditations and so forth. Meahwhile...Smokey kept patrol! He was walking around the house and the Circle of people...kind of like a Guardian! I beleive that is what My SmokeyBear Guardian. He is always with me when I if to guide me and protect me!

Ok,, enuff babbling from me!

Thanks for listening!
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I think you may have to re-name your mouse Frederica! :LOL:
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Just wanted to say welcome
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I guess you know that mice reproduce at a phenomenal rate!!! You'd better get a couple of Riddex to plug in, so they'll pack their little bags!
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Riddex? is that the thing ya plug into the wall and it sends the critters on there way?

Smokey has finally seen the mouse. One nite me and Smokes were veggin on the love seat...and the mouse came to Smokey's dish for an evening snack! Do you know that Smokey just sat there for a few minutes Watching the mouse eat! Oh my goodness! it was the funniest thing. I almost pee'd my pajamas! Finally, Smokey got up and chased the, now he knows it's there! I suspect he'll be getting it soon...or maybe the mice are smart enuff to realize that there is a cat in the house...and they oughta leave.

And then, there's the dog! hee, i don't have a dog...but I almost did. I was driving home from school last thursday nite and i seen a beagle mixed with something...just prancin down the road...right down the street from where I live...I stopped my car and opened the door and asked the dog who he was and where he lived...with that he came running up to me and jumped into my car with me! he he he! he was so happy to go for a car ride...even tho it was only a 30 second car ride to my house. He had no colar, was older, and very very friendly. I opened the door to my cottage to see if he would come in for some water...but he took one look at Smokey and changed his mind. He hung around the yard and played with me and my brother for a few minutes and then I guess he decided to go back to where he came from!

Just thought I'd share these cute stories with ya. At least I thought they were cute.

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