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Yet another stray

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Saturday night, I happened to see a black and white streak going down the driveway around dusk. Realizing it was a cat, I opened the front door to call "kitty kitty", thinking that it was probably a feral who would run. Not quite. Kitty came tearing across the yard, meowing its head off the whole time, and right away started rubbing all over my legs. I had some canned food left from Percy, and grabbed a can to give this kitty. I figured that at least it would have a good meal in its tummy, even if it didn't stick around.
Well, last night, here's kitty again. Another can of food and more meowing. The poor thing is so desperate for love and attention that I can't get it to stand still long enough for a proper inspection, so can't tell if we have a boy or a girl on our hands yet. There seems to be a wound on its head, but otherwise kitty is in pretty good shape.
If I can get it to hold still long enough, I'll clean the wound and try to see if we have a "he" or a "she" here. In the meantime, kitty seems to be hanging around and was here this morning for another can of food.
So, despite my solemn decision to not have another cat outside after losing Percy again........look what happens! DH has resigned himself to the fact that there will never be a stray out here that I don't at least try to take care of, as well.
Will try to keep you all updated on this little newbie as I can.
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Your newbie sounds very sweet and cute. Poor little thing. Seems like he/she knew where to come to get food and care. Bless you for that! Please let us know how things are going with him/her.
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Well, "Kitty" is definitely a boy, already neutered. He's so affectionate, I can't imagine why anyone would have dumped him, but that does seem to be what has happened.
He is eating well, and I did get a good look at the wound on his head. It appears to be old enough to have already healed, but he lost some fur in the healing process. He also has some old scratches on his little pink nose. I'd say he's a very lucky boy.
Tentatively, his name is Zebo. I'm still torn about taking on the care of another outdoor cat, but I can't turn him away. Looks like Zebo's here to stay as long as he wants.
I'll try to get a picture of him today.
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Aw.. he seems like a very sweet boy!
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