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Brother sucking on other brother??

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Ok i was reading about the lil kitty sucking on his meowmy's eyelids and i noticed yesterday that my new bengal boy Amir is sucking on his brothers nipple Ive tried stopping him when ever i see him doing it by just taking him and giving him some loving but he wants Mazi's nipple. I guess everything would be fine since Mazi doesnt move when Amir does this but now im noticing that Mazi's nipple is so red!!! How can i let him know that his brother cant be suckled on? They both will be 12 wks tom and have been with me for a week now.

Otherwise they both are doing good, eating, drinking, pooping and sleeping sounds like babies dont they lol

Thanks all
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anybody? any suggestions? something lol
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I adopted my girls a month and a half ago and I am learning so much on this site. I am sure someone will have great advise for you soon. Everyone is so wonderful here! I am sorry that I do not have any words of wisdom for you; I just wanted to make sure you don't feel ignored!
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You can try putting Bitter Apple (available at pet supply stores, like Petsmart) on the kitten's nipple. Because it is formulated for animals, it won't harm the kitten's skin, but because of the taste the other won't be so keen on suckling him.

Most kittens suckle after weaning because they were taken from mom-cat too early. You can also try giving the kittens a surrogate-stuffed animal for them to suckle on. This is a great product to give kittens (and adult cats too ): http://www.snuggleme.com/kitties.html
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Thanks i'll try and find the bitter apple today. Poor Mazi's nipple is so red
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Ok the vet said separate them for 2-3 wks, well after the first night the sucker woke up and started sucking on HIMSELF I really dont know what to do with him. He sucks to comfort himself and he also still tries to suck on his brother. I only let him around his brother when im around so he doesnt have the chance to suck.

Any other suggestions?
I'll be calling the vet tom, but they didnt even know what to tell me about him sucking on his brother lol
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Here's an article that might help some: http://www.kitten-rescue.com/kitten_suckling.html It's actually about orphaned kittens suckling another's genitals, but the advice should be the same.
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The first thing to do is make sure both kittens are getting enough food, including some wet food morning and night.

Have you tried the bitter apple?

Something else you can try, if it continues after the kittens are back together, is to fit Amir with the equivalent of an e-collar. You may have to make it yourself, as a regular e-collar will be far too large. This is a desperate measure only and should only be used if absolutely nothing else is working.
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Im gonna try the bitter apple, when i went to petsmart this weekend i couldnt find it and there were people everywhere lol. So i will go back today when its less crowded and ask for help finding it. I feed morning and nights but im gonna add lunch just incase.

Im confused lol
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12 weeks is pretty young so they should be getting food more than twice a day so perhaps that is part of the problem.
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Ok i will defintely add a 3rd meal! I also got an e-collar and some bitter apple. I noticed this morning that his 2 nipples were bloody, so the vets said to do an e-collar for awhile.

Thanks all!!
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