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>>good Monday Morning<<

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Hey everybody. How was your weekend? Anybody do anything exciting?

Not too much here, got some "spring cleaning" done and got more play time than usual in with the kitties. Like usual, weekend went way too fast. I start working 9-6 today instead of the 11-8 shift so we'll see how it goes!

Have a great Monday!
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Had a great weekend, did nothing but it was relaxing

Doing my grocery shopping this evening, then home to be fed and watered
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This weekend was busy. My pregnant sister was bleeding so she is now on bed rest until Wednesday so I spent yesterday at her house catering to her every spoiled rotten whim ! Not to mention her friends to who can't drive or walk because of knee surgery. We had fun though. We watched Must love Dogs and Elizabethtown and ate pizza and mexican cheese dip all day.

Lee and I fought Saturday because he went to the gym at 9, 3 hours later he hadn't called or shown back up at home because he went shopping. Just call me and tell me you are okay. I am paranoid about him getting into a wreck or something anyways and its not hard to dial my number and say "hey, we are going to grab some lunch and do a little shopping. Be home about 12." So while I cleaned the house he was out spending money!
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Hey maybe he was Valentine Day shopping!!
We drove to Madison for the day -spent the morning at the Garden Expo. Bought some more seeds, gladiolus bulbs, terra cotta pots. Chatted with a nursery owner from Northern IL that I want to work with and some folks from the USDA on insect pests and a guy from the WI Bluebird Assoc. Had to get gas-they new car says how many miles until empty we were down to 1 mile!!!
Had a nice lunch and visited with BIL for a few hours before we drove back.
Not much yesterday-had organized my photo's and am almost done with that project, chatted w/mom and sis on the phone. Had really bad upset stomach last nite (too many chili-cheese fritos!!) so I slept late this am.
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Didn't do too much this weekend - slept in til 11:30 on Sat morning - boy did that feel good! Then I just bummed around the apartment with John & Harley and then me and my friend went shopping that night for Valentines Day cards and such.

Yesterday was the same...went to La Crosse in search of a store that we couldn't find - I was mad! So we ended up going to the Mall and I got some air fresheners that were on sale at Bath & Body Works....and then walked around the mall and did some window shopping. Came back home and make 50 cupcakes for work tomorrow - I only ate ONE!

Now for another days work - busy busy of course - I'm already ready for the weekend again...or a good vacation!
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Well, Ian and I adopted a cat...our first one together!

I wouldn't say on a whim, because I'm aware of the committment, but it was something that my heart had just been telling me to do (it was the specific cat more than the adoption in general, he was just BEGGING to go home and had been going downhill emotionally very quickly in recent weeks) for a long time and I finally just went and did it. I'm thinking that I've totally and completely lost my marbles.

It was also my best friend's 21st b-day party on Friday, which was the same day I found out that my flute will reuire several hundred dollars worth of repair.
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On friday night we watched 'Wolf Creek' and 'The Island' Wolf Creek is awful! I felt so sick watching it! but The Island was really good.
Then on sat am I went to Tae Kwon Do, then straight to the gym. Then sat on my backside with Nismo for the rest of the day! Mark and I went out at night which was brilliant.
Then I went shopping on Sunday for Valentines day, and then to the gym. It was all over far too fast Looking forward to Valentines now though!
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My weekend stunk! I had to take 5 of my surrender cats to the HS. I fell on the ice eysterday & hurt my bum. My back hurts today & that in turn has led to a headache. I had two classes this morning, but felt sick so I came home & skipped the 2nd one. I had a test in the other class that I forgot about & didn't study for. All in all, I'm ready for a snowday!
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Moving and unpacking did not make for a good weekend. Being stiff and sore have not made for a good Monday.

Since coming home, I've read the paper, played with cats and dogs and am now feeling somewhat human.
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