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Keeping the cat from running out the front door.

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Well i have a house cat, and shes only 5months old now.

But i dont want her to run out the front door when people are walking out and they dont know about closing the door fast behind them (Non family members and such). Or when i need the door opend for a long time to move somthing in or out.

She ran out once, but only got like 1feet away from the door and just stood there lost.

Well what i made this thread for is what can i use to prevent her from running out the door?

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Something you can try is throwing a treat for her from the door, away from the door so that she associates keeping away from the door with a treat. If you need to prop the door open, it's best to put her in another room with the door closed while the front door is open.
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I don't know if this is helpful at all, but I've been training (or trying to train) Swanie to sit on the chair in the kitchen when I go out through the garage door (the only way I come and go since we got the cats). He gets up there readily,and sometimes I'll find him there when I come back, and sometimes he'll be just behind the door sitting patiently. He hasn't tried to run out in a couple weeks.
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well the thing is, i got some treats for her and she sniffs it and walk away...

Any treats you guys recomend? Also she fallows me everywhere, and when im not home she sleeps on the sofa waiting for me to come home. So i think teaching her to sit still is gonna be hard haha.
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I agree that if the door has to be open for any amount of time the thing to do is keep her in a room with a closed door. However, what I did for a long time that has helped (They still try to run out once in a while) is to keep a baby gate by the door. As you walk in you use it to sort of push them back & as you go out you back out the door & keep it between the open door & the cat. Sounds like a lot of work, but I got tired of running across the walk way yelling "Get your fuzzy buns back here" & people looking at me like I was nuts. My cats love food in general, but they really like the Mother Hubbard treats & now the even make Greenies for cats they love those.
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Dylan, one of my folks's cats, is a confirmed door-darter, and both Mom and I have taken some falls in the bushes outside while trying to recapture him... so we've been working on ways to prevent escapes, too.

Oddly enough, the thing that seems to help most for us is verbal. While opening the door to go out, we repeat rapidly in an annoying squeaky voice, "No kitties no kitties no kitties..." and as we come back in, we bend a little to spread a palm in front of them as we enter, saying "Back back back back back..." in that same duck-like voice. We feel silly, but it really seems to discourage him!
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when ever i lock my cat in my room accidently, she would sit at the door and cry, or call out on and on...
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She may do that but because the door will only be propped open for a few minutes (usually) she should be ok. Try different kinds of treats until you find one she likes or try tiny pieces of cheese.
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During my kitten training phase I keep a throw chain (simple dog choke chain) on each doorknob- both the outside and the inside one. When we open the door for any reason we toss the chain on the floor in the foyer where it hits the ceramic tile and makes a terrible sound. My kitties are totally afraid of the front door and that's the way I like it. We close them into a room when the door has to be open for any length of time.
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