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TGIF DT for Friday

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Nothing planned this weekend. When I left the house this morning,around eight, it was cold and raining lightly. Now, here at school, is 9:30 a.m. and its snowing heavily. Looks like Christmas! Oh well, we need the moisture since they are predicting a dry summer.I go to work at 1 pm today so I won't be here until Monday. Hope everyone has a better weekend than me.

BTW, for breakfast I had two cherry poptarts that were broken into little pieces and a mug of delicious hot Irish Creme coffee!
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It is supposed to rain/snow here today, but the clouds are lifting and it's warming up. We really need the moisture so I'm hoping this is just a lull before the storm.

I only have to work 1/2 day today so that's something to look forward to. Unfortunately the kid who lives above us (wasn't he supposed to be evicted by now?? I saw him move out his bed and stuff last weekend!) apparently hasn't left yet. He was up and stomping around, and dropping stuff on the floors, from 10 pm to 5 am. So much for a good night's sleep. Such an inconsiderate, insolent little puke!

No big plans for the weekend except to watch the NHL playoffs and NASCAR races.

Hope everyone has a great day and weekend!
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Snowing, huh?? HAHAHA!!!! It's gorgeous here! It's about 20 degrees or more, the sun is shining, and the sky is pretty much clear except for a couple of fluffy, white clouds here and there. Sorry, not trying to rub it in, or anything for those stuck in the snow!
I am sick again today. Called work to ask if maybe I could come in later instead of at 1, and they said ok. We'll see how I feel, and if I'm still sick, I'll just not go in. I feel like I've been run over by a truck! My head is stuffy, and I can't stop sneezing! Yuck. Hope everyone elses day is better.
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Happy Friday Woooooooooooohoooooooooooo! I hope everyone is having a good day! People are asking me stupid questions today - it's is beginning to get on my nerves. I have to go shopping and buy my 20 yr old cousin a birthday present - he is difficult to buy for - oh well I'll find something - I always do.

This weekend will be quality family time - I just have to keep the hubby and brother in law separated as B-I-L drives hubby nuts. If the weather improves tonight might talk hubby into going to the drive in.

I've got to do my sign language homework an practise this weekend - hubby will like it if I shut up for a little bit.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Not ady but.....sign language is fun to learn. It is challenging because many parts of the United States have different regional signs they use. But if you get the basics down it is a lot of fun to do. I took a class in college and until the last day of the class had no idea the instructor could even hear. There was absolutly no talking in class, we had to either sign, or write notes. Doing a term paper in sign language was very challenging too! But on the last day of class the instructor spoke for the very first time. She just wanted us to understand how a deaf person would feel in the world. It was very effective way to learn.
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Adymarie and Hissy, We have something in common. I taught music for several years at a dayschool (the Miracle Network) for children with special needs, and although I never became very fast at conversing, I was able to communicate with the children who could not hear. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. They were not required, but I felt it was a necessary shortcut to communicating. I loved the sign for banana! (peel your finger) My colleague used to act shocked when I did the sign for "good morning". (hard to descrbe, but similar to what I believe is an insulting Italian gesture)
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It is fun - our instructor is deaf. It is hard not actually using words in class. It is difficult to remember but my coworkers and I practise together.
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Yep yep, nice day indeed. Well any Friday is a good day as long as you have the weekend off.

Nothing exciting on this end. I lead a boring life during the week.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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All the nice 80+ degree weather is gone! The temps have been dropping all day. Today has been a busy and boring day. Thank goodness its over! This weekend is filled with the usual...grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning. Hopefully I will find time to go tanning and to work out. Have a great weekend everyone! :daisy:
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Got through my last day, at the store. Start at my new one, tomorrow. An extra hour's sleep, tomorrow! Being so close, now, Bill can bring me lunch and spend some time with me. Between our schedules, sometimes we just pass in the driveway. Have a good weekend, everyone!
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We have had 2 huge thunderstorms in the past 24 hours. The wind blew everything off my porch. I guess I'll have to go out in the morning and round it all up. I love storms, though. The lightning has been spectacular. I want to rent a house on the beach and watch one out over the ocean.
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