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Finally, pics of my "catlady" dd...but

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you can't really see her! LOL!

I know I am paranoid, but having been cursed with the most beautiful children on earth, I won't post their pics on line. So when dd saw this pic of her and Garfield, the first thing she said was, "And you can post it on-line, because my face isn't showing!" So here she is, my little catlady in training, Lexie and Garfield!

And again, Garfield cuddling so close she probably can't breathe...

She seemed fine, but after taking the pics, I did pull him off her face a little. He just loves her so much, he had to be right on her face! And she says she can't sleep without him, so I guess it all works out.
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Aww! Those pictures are just precious - what a sweetie he is to sleep with her like that
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Awwwww thats so precious!!!
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Definitely another TCS cat lady in the making!!

What an adorable picture of the two of them!! You can see they have a special bond!
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Yes, Garfield and Lexie are very close. Every night when she goes to bed, he stays with her for about an hour. Even when my 22 y/o daughter visited, and Gar sat with her all day, every night he would have his snuggle time with Lexie.

She was asking me yesterday what would I sell him for. (Don't ask me why...kids sometimes ask funny things!) So I said the foster kitties are sold for $100, but I wouldn't give up Garfield for $100. I told her he isn't for sale. So what if someone offered you a million dollars, she asked. I said I would have to check with her first. I asked would it break your heart to sell Garfield? She said it would. So I told her it isn't worth a million dollars to break her heart. She seemed happy with that answer.

Kids and cats...its a winning combination!
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Garfield know a true lady!!!
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Those are such sweet pictures. Thanks for sharing.
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That is just so precious!
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Aw that's so sweet! I remember the times when I was about 10 years old and my kitty would sleep with me. He was the best!
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That is just too cute!!!!
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Yes, they are really cute together! I feel sorry for any kid who doesn't have a loving pet!
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Awwww. That's so nice - what a sweet relationship they have! Your daughter sounds like a great little girl!
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