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Which one is better??

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I'm getting another tattoo on Saturday, and I can't decide if I should have this one done on my right arm, close to the top, or down by my ankle(either side)?? Can I get some feedback please???
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I'd go for the ankle, just because I like them there!! Very pretty! (thats where I'd have one if I wasn't such a mental case about N**dles eeee...)
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Another ankle vote here!
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I think that the butterfly that you added to your post would look better on an ankle IMO
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Beautiful tat! I would have to go for the ankle, too.

BodLover - They don't hurt, really! It feels more like someone scratching your skin than anything. Although, when I got the one just above the knee on the outer thight, it must have hit a nerve or something because when he was working on one little area, it felt like the needle was coming out the other side of my knee! It wasn't pain, just a really wierd sensation.
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I would love to get one on my ankle but I'm afraid of how it might affect my current job and future jobs. There is a lady here who has one on each ankle and she has been here for a 1 1/2 years. I have also been told that the ankle is the one place that getting a tatoo hurts the most.
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Or.....is this one better?? Maybe in the middle of my back, near my bottom??
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Unless it is modified, the 1st one isn't really of a shape to flow with the ankle or upper arm. It is more of a shape for a curved area, such as the breast or shoulder blade. Unless you are dead set on 1 of those 2, you could do a search, using "tattoo flash" as your keyword.You will not believe some of the stuff available on the net. There is a particular product called Cherry Creek designs that are some of the most beautiful designs available. They also make temporary tattoos if you can find them, you can even try one on to see if you like it. I work in a tattoo shop and have been living with a tattoo artist for 17 years. I have tattoos on every nearly ever part of my body. The upper arm and the calf have been the least painful spots for me. As long as you stay off bones and tendons, they feel pretty much the same. The rib cage and inner arm are KILLER! If you are concerned about future jobs, the lower back and upper arm are probably the easiest to conceal of the places you were considering. Do you have artist in mind? There are several excellent ones in different ares of Canada, and right at the border in the US. Good Luck! We want pics!
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I like the first best I think it would look nice on either, It may look a little better on your ankle than your arm just because of the design unless maybe they extend the pattern to wrap around your arm a little somehow. I think it would also look very nice on the calf of your leg.
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I prefer the 1st design, but I really know nothing
about tattoos, and I'm much to much of a wimp to have
one done, I have a ridiculously low pain threshold !
I do think you ought to listen to the above poster who
obviously knows what they are on about. Whatever you
decide to have done, and where ever you have it placed
we want the details !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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I prefer the first design, too.... It's prettier and much more colorful. I say either the ankle or arm would look nice, or even on the shoulder!
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I'll say the first picture you posted would look good on your arm. Although it would look good on the ankle as well but I like tats on different spots rather than the norm.
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Thank you all for your suggestions!! I think I may get it on my arm, near the shoulder, and have it wrap around, as Sandie suggested. Thank you Krazy Kat2 for your thoughts on the matter. Would it look better if I do extend the design to wrap a bit around the arm??
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If you decide to go with the arm, I would definatly go a little farther with the curly lines. I did that with the sun/moon on my arm and it made a huge difference
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I agree with Sandie, adding a little on the vines and flowers would make a big difference. That way it doesn't look like you just *stuck* it on your arm! LOL
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Yes, I think it would look great extended so it would wrap around. That is a really nice butterfly. Did you draw it? I would love to see a picture when it is done. How about the rest of the tattooed people? Could we see some pics? I have been trying to get my sweetie to post some of mine, I'm not computer literate enough to do it myself. Duh!
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I like the first one, and I think it would look nice on your ankle.
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Thanks everyone!! I think I like the arm with the extended vine idea!!! Wish me luck...I'm nervous even though I have one already..and it wasn't even that bad either.
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