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Brandy is limping :-(

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Hey Everyone,

I'm kinda of worried my dog Brandy is limping. she is favoring her front left leg. However she still wants to play and run around and all that good stuff. And I have checked her paw,everything is fine. I even squeeze her leg and paw she doesnt flinch in pain or anything. I took her to the doctor this past saturday to get her stiches taken out(spayed) and I mentioned it, they said they dont think it is anything serious because she was still walking on it and still trying to play. The doc gave her a quick check over and said she is fine, just might be a pulled mucsle or something to that nature. But not to let her run to much and jump and all of that stuff. But today it seems to have gotte worse, but she stills tries to play and stuff, I rechecked everything, and she seems fine. I was thinking about getting some horse liment? to rub on her leg, is that good, or is there anything else that I can do. Thanks

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I am going thru the same thing with my Gigi ... I on the vets advice am giving her glucomine and chondrotin( dr said chondrotin isnt needed )... plus a ligament supplement... Gigi is going for accupucture on the 22nd..

talk to the vet again... hopefully it is just a pull and nothing seriuos but it should be looked at closer..
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