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Please tell me about Siberians :)

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I am now onto researching Siberians to see if they are the right match for me and my husband. Hubby has slight allergies and I have read that these cats dont have typical cat dander that can cause allergies. I found a breeder close by to my house so that is good! Please share your siberian experiences and stories! I want to make sure this is the right fit for us. How is their temperment? Are they affectionate? How is the shedding? Thanks!!
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I was going to say the hardest thing will be finding a breeder but that seems to be taken care of. They are very sweet cats. I don't know much about them except I see them when I visit the bengal breeder I work with as she also breeds Siberians (who are absolutely gorgeous!). I've never heard of them being good for allergy-homes but that dosen't mean anything. Good allergy cats I've heard of are Turkish Vans, Sphynx, Rex, Bengals, and Savannahs.
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I don't know much about them either, but I see a web site where a breeder entered them into a dog sled race....and won! she had 200 kitties all harnessed up and put those huskies to shame! (the attaboy in oragon) I don't think any cat is "hypoallergenic" just a snazzy word some people try using to sell them, the allergies to cats come mostly with the dander (which all cats have, not so much the fur) and saliva, I heard. When I got my first ragdoll, the woman said they don't shed, so people aren't allergic to them, they don't mat up, and they are non-vocal cats, all is bull, my cats shed, and will mat but because of the texture can be less shedding and matting with grooming. Also, mabey some rags aren't vocal but two out of three (adults) sure are, if you walk by honey she meows if you touch her she meows if you look at her she meows, it's almost one of those siamese yowls, she has had people scared to death to pet her because she does that meow thing when they go to pet her, My best advice would be to look at cat breed associations for more accurate discriptions, people who breed a certain breed tend to brag them up a little (I do too, I just love the breed and can't help it) but when some one tells me they want a ragdoll because they dont shed, I let them know thats not quite the case!
http://www.siberiancats.com/race.htm (article for Atta boy 300 race cats won, beleive it or not, which I wouldn't have if it wasn't black and white in front of my face, lol)
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How is it that the Siberian is hypo-allergenic?

Scientists have named the protein in the feline saliva, FEL D-1. When the cat cleans itself, the protein then dries on the fur leaving dander. The dander particles are small and air filters cannot remove them from the air. The Siberian is void of the FEL D1 protein, therefore no dander. However if the allergic party suffers from the IgE late trigger' antibody reaction, their chances of compatibility of owning a Siberian are lowered.

Are studies being done on the hypo-allergenic fur?

No official study has been commissioned to date. Someday Science will be interested in this wonderful anomaly. But for now we have empirical analysis. After Hundreds of sales to people with “cat allergies” over an 9 year period, I already know what you must find out, that most people with cat allergies can in fact have a Siberian. In the beginning, I sold two Siberians to an asthmatic named Ernie Sherman. Ernie had a severe allergy to cats and reacted to them by showing asthmatic symptoms. Because of his asthma, Ernie made regular visits to the Mayo clinic. At one point he informed them that he was now the proud owner of two male Siberians. In disbelief the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville Florida began a series of tests testing Ernie with regular cat dander and Siberian cat dander. Ernie knew which was which almost immediately. The regular cat test on one arm produced a baseball size welt while the arm with the Siberian particles had no reaction The Mayo clinic had been using Ernie as their guinea pig, running test after test to try and make him react to Siberian dander. They failed miserably. The doctors still find it unbelievable but are now convinced that there is something very special and different about the Siberians. NINE years later Ernie is going strong and is the proud owner of FOUR Male Siberians.

How was the hypo-allergenic fur discovered?

In 1995 , I made the acquaintance of Gregg Neill, a gentleman who was working on marketing a biodegradable litter from citrus rinds. I asked him if I could try a sample. He said yes, and along with his fiancee', Debbie brought some product to my home. I became aware of his product because I read an article in a trade paper. He mentioned in the article that he didn't have a cat because his fiancee was severely allergic. Once at the house, Debbie remarked that she was not having an allergy attack. I thought it was because she was standing near an air purifier. On her second trip to my house, she remarked again about her lack of reaction. I thought she was standing too close to an open door. I was skeptical. After her third visit, Debbie insisted that there was something uniquely different about the Siberians. Again I wouldn't believe her and she remarked rather vehemently, " Look Lynda, I know my allergies!" I agreed to test her "scientifically". I placed her in a room with more than twenty Siberian adults and told her to pet the cats and then rub her eyes. After about 30 minutes, she left. I had envisioned itchy, watery eyes that had swollen shut. I called several days later to check the results. She was fine. I asked her if she wanted a Siberian, though I already knew the answer. She was so delighted, and has owned one of these beautiful cats since February 1996.

here is the storie about siberians

The story of Siberian cat.

Siberians have been around for many years as far as recorded history tell.

The first mentioned was in Harrison Wier`s book our cats and all about them, included information about the earliest cat show held in England in 1871.

Russian story tell Siberian is a natural breed and is the national cat of Russia.

The Siberian have semi longhair and a full coat in the winter, in the summer allows shorter less dens coat.

Russia story tell the Siberian are taken from Russia to Siberia, where they developed their thick coat against the cold winters.

Then later they was brought back to Russia where they bred.

Wild cats have bred with domestic cats and the result was Siberian cats.

The Siberians cats are very territorial and a good hunters.

Some of like to swim and stay close to water.

Not all of the Siberians like water.

Siberians in tundra like to hunt on the ground, but cats in the forest was hunting birds, and fishing in the water.

The Siberians Fife standard http://www.stanlejsiberianscatts.com...atstandard.htm

Neva masquerade is a different breeds and Siberians.

Neva masquerade lilac, fawn, chocolate and cinnamon they can also have Burmese pattern and this is not accepted in Siberians.

If you need help with finding a breeder near by you just say I will help
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I have a small Siberian cattery in Central Virginia. Siberians are all around, wonderful cats. They have great personalities, easy grooming, very light mats (if any). Here's my site maybe it will help answer your questions www.preshuspaws.com
We currently show CFA but will be starting TICA shows in the Spring.
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Your cats are beautiful! I had never even heard of Siberians until the threads popped up here over the past few days.
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Thank you Krazy Kat for your kind words. Here's what CFA has to say about Siberians

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I strongly suggest, before you lay out your money, to talk to the breeder and go visit a few times to see if there really is any reactions. If she has more then one cat, and no reaction after a few hours or days, then you know you can adopt one.
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You have a nice web site and nice cats.
I special like the cat you have from the breeder in Russia she have very kind good cats.
Yes I agree you have to test you self before you go and bay any Siberians.
And maybe you scud ask for if any of the cats are tested for neva ore fel d 1 as some lines are and then you can be very lucky and find a cats as have non fel d1 ore a bit.
Many breeders have the cats tested for this and the kittens before they sell them to know.
We in Norway are now testing for this and breeders are very god to do it.
I have tested my 2 cats imported from Poland and I will test my litter of kittens before I sell any of them.
I do this test at the same time I test my sib for if they have A ore B blood, as that is very important for the kittens when they get born.
I am lucky as I have just A cats to now in my house a B cat wood make me work some time after she have hade her kittens as the kitten can day if the mother I B and the father A.
Sow they can not be feeding one the mother for the firs 48 ouer.
So when I take the test one A and B and all adder test as have to be Dan I also take the test for Neva and fel d1 and send it to UK.
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