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Swollen Eye!

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ok i got a stray cat last summer. she was pregnat but i decided to keep her. she had her litter adn everything was fine...but there was only one kitten. i thought that strange but the fvet said it was usal for a first time mom to only have one kitten. well now momma cat, Rajah snuck out of the house before we got her spayed and she became pregnat agian. about three days ago the kittens were born, this time only two of them, one white one black. they seem to be doing great, the whiteo ne appears to be a large male and hte black a tiny female. but the black kitten has a swollen yee. it's big and i'm nervous. any advice?
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Is there are vet emergency clinic nearby you? This sounds like an emergency.
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It is most probably an eye infection and the sooner she gets to the vet the better to save her eye. I fostered a stray and one kitten had the exact same thing, the vet cleaned it out and put her on meds, her eye turned out fine. He said it is caused by the herpes virus. The kitten was the smaller also, I kept her and now she is a very healthy 4 yr old.
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yes there is an emergency clinci nearby. we talked to the vet on the phone we made an apointment for thurs., dispite wanting t sooner. thank you for the help, i hope it's only an infection the vet says it proboally is one too.
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Cant they see you sooner? My vet felt that bringing her in immediately was what saved her eye. Not to scare you.
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well actually we took the kitten to the vet that ay. a differnt vet. once there they said she ad an infection they peeled open the eye (i dunno if that was smart though) and then but in some medicine. we have to put the stuff in 3-4 times a day. i'm worried the kitten will go blind in that eye though cause it really isn't suposed to be opened yet. what do oyu think?
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The kitten is around 6 days old now, right? I don't think there will be any long-term effects from the eye being opened slightly early. Keep up with the eye ointment/drops and the eye should recover nicely.
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No,that is what they did to Ginas eye, too, cleaned it all out. She was 6 days old.I had to put ointment in it too, and the eye was saved.
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