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Rave Review - Zoom Groom

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I've heard wonderful things about the Zoom Groom. I've looked for it every time (almost) I've been in Petsmart to buy food, but then never seemed to carry them. Yesterday I decided that I would get me a Zoom Groom, even if it's meant for dogs. Lo and behold, my Petsmart had them in stock!

Trent has hairball issues. Always has. He also HATES being brushed. He got to the point where he was OK with being "groomed" (same brush, different name ) about once a week, but his hairballs really didn't get any less frequent. That's why I decided that I HAVE to get a Zoom Groom.

The reviews I've heard previously are right. It is not only VERY effective at removing loose fur, he LOVES it!!! The first time I started stroking him with it, he laid down and just purred. He's never done that with any other brush. And we got enough fur off of him to almost make a kitten. Tried it again today, to make sure it wasn't a fluke that he liked it. While he didn't just go into kitty ecstacy, he was so fine with it that he nonchalantly went to his bowl (just a hop down from where we were brushing) and ate while I groomed him.

If you have a kitty that hates being brushed but needs it, this is a great tool. I'm looking forward to Zoom Grooming Trent nightly and hopefully really cutting down on the hairballs.
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I've never heard of this. What exactly is Zoom Groom. I'm assuming its some kind of brush? What's different about it?

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Originally Posted by ckatz
I've never heard of this. What exactly is Zoom Groom. I'm assuming its some kind of brush? What's different about it?

Zoom groom is a soft rubber brush simliar to those used as curry combs on horses.. I will see if I can find a link
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I love the Zoom Groom! I only use it in the bathroom or in the outdoor cat enclosure because there's always so much fur flying around & don't want it to get all over the house. After brushing all 6 of them I can literally build another cat!
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Originally Posted by ckatz
I've never heard of this. What exactly is Zoom Groom. I'm assuming its some kind of brush? What's different about it?

Here's the Petsmart (direct) link to it:

It comes in green, purple and red. I think it must feel like a kitty massage, because no matter how soft the bristles of other brushes, Trent hated them. The wire bristles were the absolute worse for him - he would run when he saw the brush. But he loves the Zoom Groom, which also makes Meowmy happy!
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Thanks for the link. I have to try it.

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We have one, too, and ours love it. Brushing is a "daddy" activity, and they pester him. Goooooooooooooood product!
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That "Zoom Groom" is the same as a rubber curry that can be had much more cheaply. They work exactly like a shedding blade but the rubber is much gentler to skin.

The Zoom Groom is a good tool for taking out dead undercoat but in the best of both worlds you would still use a comb. The nature of a rubber curry is that it grabs onto the coat and pulls dead coat out, but it doesn't go "deep" nor does it remove tangles.
It is a useful finishing tool but longcoated cats will need a comb also.

The fact that cats seem to like it is a big plus- it can be used to help transition them to different tools.
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We have one and all of mine love it - even Gracie who never liked grooming before. I'd highly recommend it.
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Glad it worked for you! Our cats love their Zoom Groom.

It's also handy for removing hair from furniture - flip it over and brush the back of the Zoom Groom across the couch cushions and it'll push the hair into a pile that's easy to pick up.
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I purchased a zoom groom last summer, right after reading about it here. It is the only brush that Sophie will tolerate, and it even gets through her long hair without problems.
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I was having a problem grooming my girls even with the Zoom Groom, however, something has changed!! They both enjoy grooming time now!! Layla actually lays on her stomach for me!!

I love the Zoom Groom!!!
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Callie her Zoom Groom!! She just purrs and kneads everytime I brush her with it!! She's a medium hair cat, so I follow each swipe of the brush with a comb to pick up the hair that doesn't stick to the zoom groom.

I'm a definite fan!!

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I've got a (dog) Zoom Groom on each floor here, as it's the only brush Jamie really enjoys, and got my mom's dogs "addicted" to being zoom-groomed last summer. One of them, Cheyenne, is a fairly long-haired Lab, while Kano is very short-haired, and the brush works equally well on both.

Jamie is groomed with a fine-toothed comb every day, but I still gets wads of hair with the Zoom Groom. It's really a terrific product.
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The difference between the dog and cat zoom groom is the size right? Because at our Petsmart they don't have the cat brush in. Like some one else mentioned on here. Well I am going to have to get the dog one. Because I don't care to keep going back into town just to find it gone again. LOL

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I just bought a Zoom Groom yesterday.. I really like it, but Trout gives mixed reviews. She seems to purr while trying to attack it..hmmm, what a weirdo she is
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We have had one for awhile, and I don't think I have met a kitty who could resist a good rubbing with a zoom groom. It is something I am always recommending. I just got an email from a friend, who just got one, and she is also really happy with hers.
They seem to last forever too!!
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