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Using a Litter Locker

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I got a Litter Locker and believe it will be awfully handy in keeping me from going to the dumpster each and every day. I put it together well enough after it fell apart upon my sliding it out of the box.

According to the directions on the included flier, you use a cutter to cut the bag in preparation to taking it to the dumpster. I got the impression this cutter was near the top of the container, but I didn't see it. Could some of you out there describe what to do when the bag is full--evidently after about two weeks? I do admit to being technologically challenged, but refuse to let a mere gadget defeat me!!
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on my litter locker,when you lift the top half of the bottom half to get the waste out there is like a hook type thing beside where the bag comes out theres a lttle blade in there and basically all you do is grap the bag above the waste and pull it through the hook and the blade cuts it off (if you get what I mean)lol
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There looks to be a black thingie (I'll guess it's the blade) just under and behind the part you lift to drop the waste. But I'm having trouble lifting it up. Well, I'll try again when I get home.
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I don't know if they have different styles of litter lockers but this one is mine.

The top half is hinged to the bottom half and the blade is situated on the top half on the inside behind where the bag comes out.It's the best choice I've made in getting one as I used to use a small bein under the kitchen sink for the litter and by the end of the week the smell from there was horrid now there's very little smell.
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You might use a bit less of the plastic film if you use a pair of scissors to cut it, rather than the blade. With scissors, you can cut the film closer to where the "bag" is full.
If you use clumping litter, or have more than one cat, you'll probably have to empty the LL weekly.
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Thanks for the input, you two! I found the blade in the top of the Litter Locker.

Senga, I assume you are somewhere in Britain? Your Litter Locker looks identical to mine, except my top, scoop, and turning handles are royal blue instead of black. Interesting!!
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after reading this thread the other day I went out looking for a litter locker.
I bought the one that Senga posted. What a great invention! No more up and down the stairs with a plastic shopping bag spreading the smell through out on a daily basis!lol No more having to make sure it is outside in the garbage bin or else the dog will get at it!YUK!!
Hurray to the Litter Locker!
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I think I'm going to really enjoy mine, now that I'm getting the kinks out!! Instead of having to go out to the dumpster every day, I only have to do it when I empty all the trash in the house!!
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I tried a little test yesterday to see if I can 'conserve' using the bag. I cleaned out a small poop and did not turn the dial but only closed the lid and found that was enough to block the smell. I waited till the bag had a few poops and clumps in it before I turned it. I suppose if someone has a bunch of kitties it might not work so well but a kitty or two worth of refuse should be fine for a couple of scoops and help save a few dollars. Those replacement cartrigdes are not cheap!
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