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Thanks Sandie and Ken!

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Many of our newer members may not have the pleasure of knowing our 2 married moderators, Sandie and Ken (Imagyne). They have been around TCS since the beginning and have contributed a whole lot toward making TCS what it is today. I have had the pleasure of meeting them twice in person, once at a cat show here in Florida, and once when they actually opened up their home to me and another TCS member for a weekend. Both have been pulled in other directions and cannot spend a lot of time here anymore, so they will no longer be moderating their respective forums. So, thank you both for everything on behalf of TCS.
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THank you Sadie and Ken
Good luck!
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Thank you Sandie and Ken!

Good luck with whatever your future holds!
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Hey Sandie & Ken,

I think I am one of those newbies that didn't really get the pleasure of knowing you.

But... I do know how much I love and enjoy this site, and if you were a part of that, then I have many thanks to give to you!

Good luck in your next adventures
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WOW~ good luck in all your future holds!!!
Hope to see you lurking around once in awhile.

(geez everyone is moving on ) I'm gonna miss you all!!!!!
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Ken & Sandie, your incredible knowledge and wit will be sorely missed. I, too, hope you'll check in with us every so often.
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I'm sorry to see the two of you go, and hope that you'll still be posting as members. You two have helped to make TCS what it is today.
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I am sad to see you both go and I wish you the best of luck in the future. We do hope to see you checking in from time to time

Deb was right, TCS would have never been the same without you.
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Thanks guys! The moderators have a very time consuming and often thankless job. You all help make this site the great, friendly place that it is. Good luck with your new endeavours.
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Sandie and Ken, you will be very much missed!!!
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Thank you Sandie and Ken.
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Thank you Sandie and Ken, I've enjoyed reading your posts a great deal since I joined TCS a couple of years ago. I wish you all the best, and hope you'll keep posting when you can.
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Lots of luck for the future both of you
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Originally Posted by xocats
Thank you Sandie and Ken.
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All the best in your future endeavours, you two. Drop by when you can,eh?
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Thank you and good luck Ken and Sandie!
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