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cats and people illnesses

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I was just wondering if cats can get illnesses from people?
The reason? Brad has pink eye and today I noticed that Twig's eye is starting to get all goopy and he's closing it half way like it's bothering him. I'm going to take him to the vet Monday but I was wondering if Twig could've possibly caught pink eye from Brad?
I know people can get some illnesses from cats but what about the reverse??
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As far as I know, only pigs can get pink eye.
Twig could possibly have a URI though.
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You know, I thought of that, but he's not coughing, or doing anything out of the ordinary, so I wondered about pink eye first. He still is eating and playing and acting normally, I guess the vet will give me the low down on my kitty!!!!
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Good luck, hopefully it's nothing serious, hope Brad is feeling better as well, pink eye is no fun at all.
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Yeah I know, he seems to be feeling better. He got some eye "grease" as he calls it (not the drops like normal people! LOL!) to help it heal. He puts it in his eye three times a day.
Twig now is sneezing so I think you are correct in the URI prognosis. Poor baby, he's so spoiled and now he's so sick... I hope he's better before we have to leave for Ohio at the end of the month. I'm worried enough having to leave them for that long, (since I've NEVER been away from them more then a night) if he's sick I'll be leaving Brad behind to care for him. Who needs to actually FIND where you want to be right? (he's my directional sense! I couldn't find my way out of Clinton without him! LOL!) Cats come first though and sick cats are before first, so if the need arises, Brad will stay home with the babies! LOL! So that's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL!
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