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Can't find any Ragdoll breeders in South Jersey...please help! :)

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I have been looking online for a week now and cant seem to find a breeder in the South NJ area. Is there a really good site I can go to for this info? I didnt get much from typing "Ragdoll breeders" into Google...any help would be appreciated
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I would try searching beyond South Jersey. Many breeders are willing to fly their cats to you, for a fee, and its possible that there may not be any reputable breeders in your area. BTW, where in SJ are you? My whole family is from South Jersey.
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I found two Ragdoll breeders in New Jersey but I don't know if they are anywhere nearby you ...


I second OllyExtra's advice to search beyond south Jersey - you may find more breeders.
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There are a few breeders in New Jersey, but I am unsure their geographical location in Jersey. If you go to a few of the Ragdoll breed clubs, such as: www.ragdollinternational.org, http://www.rfci.org/, http://ragdollclub.tripod.com/DIRa.htm These breeders have signed the code of ethics set by these clubs.
I am familiar with Ragdoll breeders in Maine, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, that I would be happy to refer you too.
In my opinion, it is best to visit the cattery, if you have a way too. You can get a feel for the family raising the kittens as well as picking out your special kitty. Sometimes visiting isn't possible, when that happens, you should ask for references from the breeder. Most breeders I know do ship, it is usually a fee of approximately $200.
We recommend finding a breeder who routinely scans their adult cats for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyapathy). To find out more on this heart condition, please go to www.ragdollresearch.org.
Good luck on your search!!
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I think my last little blue point boy has been sold, he will be flying to MO. If he wasn't I would be happy to have travelled half way to meet you. I think you will need way more time then a week though to find the perfect cat and the perfect breeder. When you find the breeder, you will know it, they will be very helpful and informative, and you will feel comfortable with this person like you had always known them, atleast with me it was, my first one I rushed into (I love the cat of course) but I was never comfortable talking with her, she looked down at me like I am an idiot because I didn't know what she knew and didn't seem to be a very warm invironment, as where the second (and third) came from she was very warm and friendly I felt completly comfortable in her home and she is always available to answer ANY questions no matter how "stupid" she has taken me on as a student and helps me with breeding and is very excited to help me with my first show next month, so take the time it needs to find not only the right cat, but the right breeder!
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Originally Posted by celestialrags
she has taken me on as a student and helps me with breeding and is very excited to help me with my first show next month, so take the time it needs to find not only the right cat, but the right breeder!
Hi Celestialrags,

Congratulations on going to your first show!! Is it CFA of TICA? I have done TICA shows, but not yet CFA. That is wonderful that your mentor will be helping you. My mentor was also very wonderful helping me out with my first shows. I am hoping to be at the Ragdoll Congress in April. I hope you have a lot of fun!!

I didn't do so well when I found my first Ragdoll, I had researched the breed, but didn't do my homework then on what a good breeder was, and had a lot of problems with our first altered Ragdoll. We learned our lesson from that experience and learned what questions to ask. It is important to have more than one conversation with a breeder sometimes to get a true feel for him/her. It always makes me feel better when the adoptive families ask questions, so they know exactly what they are getting into.
We also will and have shipped our kitty's before with no problems, but it is much nicer when you can meet the adoptive parents at least part way for them to pick up their kitten. The families are so excited to see their new baby. We have a family we have met twice in Arkansas for her babies, and she really appreciated not having to put them on a plane.
I also wanted to say hello from a fellow Raggie breeder.
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Always nice to get a hello from fellow raggie breeders!

The show is TICA you had said in one of your posts you are familiar with breeders from Maine so you might have heard of the people putting it on, it's "nauticats" and you might even know the two breeders who have been so nice and helpful to me, Blueyed and mainelycountry. They are both awesome woman!
I didn't have a computer when I first got into rags and didn't do my breeder homework either! But, have smartened up a little now, and also know what to ask and how to read breeders alittle too.
I am so glad to hear of good shipping expiriences, I haven't shipped before, I am a new breeder and have only sold kittens local, so im a little nervious about shipping my baby off. I know he will do fine but you (well I) can't help to worry. I am much happier meeting some one, I love to see their first meeting with their new kitty, but shipping now is much safer then it probley ever was, so I shouldn't have much to worry about. Of course my preference is for them to come right here and meet all the kitties and see how they are with them, and my cats are around them. well, "Hello" from another breeder owned by rags!
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Hello again,

I am not familiar with the cattery name "Nauticats", however I do know of the other 2 breeders mentioned. I just recently got my girl from Bill of CherrylaneRags in Maine. She is a beautiful girl with a wonderful pedigree. We are so happy to have her here!!
I have shipped a few times now, and so far the experiences have been very good. The kittens have all arrived on time, and in good spirits. The girl I just got from Maine, also arrived to me in great spirits, and you couldn't tell she had just flown several hundred miles. I always try to go through Continental, but American has also done very well for us.
I still worry everytime we have to ship, if at all possible we will drive a little further just to meet with the families.
When do you go to the show? I think you will have a lot of fun, especially going with friends. I hope you do very well!! Please keep me updated on how it goes. You can email me at familytimerags@cox.net
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I'm not a breeder, but last summer I shipped a sister of our Bijou to a TCS member in California who had fallen in love with Bijou and his temperament (from my posts). The kitten (Tia) was very tiny but Air Canada did an awesome job of transporting her from Toronto to San Francisco and it wasn't terribly expensive either.

I was particularly impressed with the cargo crew who processed my paperwork and took her from me in preparation of her flight. The TCS member that received Tia is totally, hopelessly, completely in love with her and Tia is everything she had hoped she would be which is always chancy when the person cannot be "chosen by" the kitty themselves.
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