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Vomit...vet doesn't know.

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My family's five years old cat Drusilla had been throwing up on and off for the last two months or so. Sometimes it's a day out of two, sometimes almost a week can go by and then she does it again. She usually vomits in the morning. And it's pretty digested food with no hair.
We were worried so we brought her to the vet after about one month, and they thought it might be hairballs that she was trying to cough up. So they gave her some kind of paste...wich didn't work.
The they said it probably wasn't that, so that gave us prescription food in case it was allergies. We even made her skip any food for 24 hours then fed her that new food, like they said. After a week she was still vomiting. *sigh*
Now we are desperate, because they say we might have to have many expensive tests done. Anyone had an experience like that? What could it be?

I think I remember someone from here saying that their cat was having similar symptoms and they found out it was something like UMB? UBD??I'm not sure.

I'm so worried, she's such a sweety.

Oh one last thing, before it all started she was eating Nutro for Outdoor cats and then we switched her to Nutro for Indoor. She usually didn`t have trouble going from one food to another, so we didn't think it was that. But could it be?
Would it be a good idea to give her the Outdoor formula again? Would it be better to give it to her gradually? Feed her rice and meat at first?? I'm so confused.
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It is likely that the soy protein in the indoor doesnt agree with kitty .. the Nutro natural choice is not for outdoor cats it is a okay for indoors.. Put kitty back on the regular natural choice and for the time being ask the vet about chn and rice to settle tummy
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Yes, okay, I'll do that. Although I kind of thought the allergy food would be good to see if she's intolerant to any ingredient...
But now that you mention it, both my other indoor cat's started to have diarrhea when i tried to switch them for the Indoor food...
Yes, I'll give it a try. I really hope it works.
I'm so worried it could be something serious...like cancer.

(Sharky, I love your avatar, it brings a smile to my face even now when I am so worried.)
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I had the same issue with Zoey when I tried the indoor.. many kitties just dont do soy ..I put here back to the regular and issue went away...

I am fairly sure it should be a easy fix and not a real serious issue
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Thank you so much!
I just wonder why the vet didn't tell us to try that.
Sometimes I get very suspicious of them. I had another bad experience with my other kittens. They were both having severe diarrhea and it had been going on for months. And all the vets did was to check them up and give them meds. Over and over and over.It costed me a fortune! And all it did was making them feel poorer from all the antibiotics. Finally I asked if I could try Eukaneuba Low residue because someone suggested it here. And darn it it worked!!! So we went trough all of that for nothing. *sigh*
Well I'll keep an update.:P
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Yes keep us updated...lol.. I like to know if I am batting .500

you may want to check out a new vet if your suspisious..

Vet s likely dont know the ingrediants... the indoor is new enough some dont know it exsits..
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I am starting the process of finding a new vet for my cats. One of them has what is being treated as chronic pancreatitis though it is not a 100 percent diagnosis, it is hard to diagnose in a cat. He has had 4 episodes. Once I took him to an emergency clinic because of my hours I couldn't get him to our regular vet and a second time to a feline specialist. Both of these times he was treated as an outpatient with bills under $300. Both times that he was treated by our regular vet he was hospitalized on an IV with numerous X-rays and one bill of just under $1,000 and another bill of $600. I think a lot of vets at least here in the states that are in general practice have more experience with dogs than cats.
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Update: Drusilla is so happy to be back to her old food (Nutro for *Oudoor* cats) She loves it and haven't thrown up in two days.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
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Originally Posted by Lilycurly
Update: Drusilla is so happy to be back to her old food (Nutro for *Oudoor* cats) She loves it and haven't thrown up in two days.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
*fingers crossed*... glad Drusilla is feeling better
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