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We are four days old...

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...and we are OUTTA HERE!

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They are SO cute. I just wanna kiss them.
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There sooooo cute!!!
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Awwwwwwww their so sweet

their trying their best as well to get out aren't they
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Ambitious little boogers, aren't they?

They are so very cute! You're going to have your hands full with this lot!
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So cute!!
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They are so cute!!!
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Awww, look at their tiny little paws!

They deinitely know that there's a lot of love and fun in the outside (of cage) world!!
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Awww!, cuteness alert!
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Hehe, looks like they ready to go!!!
They are adorable!!!
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They look very strong and active for 4 days old. How adorable!!

And once again, you are so wonderful for taking care of yet another litter Tania!!
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LOL, these three (one doesn't climb yet) are NayaZ's little ones. I took the picture when she, the kittens and Oscar came to visit.
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They are amazing at that age! I remember when my Scarlett's litter was born. Their feral mom had them in the flower bed off the front porch and rather than freaking out the mom, we chose to build her a shelter on top of the kittens (to keep the predators out). To get on the porch itself, the kittens needed to stand on their hind legs, grab the floor of the porch and hoist themselves up (about 6 inches or the length of your hand). They started doing that about the time their eyes opened. Your picture brought back a flood of memories of that time. From the first moment that Scarlett set her eyes on my husband, she would frantically pull herself on the porch and run to him every time he came out the front door. She never did it to me - only my husband. When their mom died when they were 22 days old (probably protecting them), we brought them inside and bottle fed them. Scarlett was perfectly content laying in hubbies arms while he nursed her, and would squirm when I tried to do it. I nursed her siblings. After 4 years, she has finally decided that mom is OK too and shares her love with me.

Wow - all those memories triggered from a simple picture!! Thanks for taking me there!!
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Absolutely, positively, adorable!!!!!!!

You really are a very special person!
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Precious little tigers! What little cuties!
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Just look at those little claws hanging on for dear life.
They are so sweet...
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Originally Posted by Momofmany
And once again, you are so wonderful for taking care of yet another litter Tania!!
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They are so adorable!!!
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Oh my...........little Trixie's!!! I just love these little guys.......can you give us an update Tania???
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They are growing and thriving in Naya's wonderful care. I'm not sure if she has taken any more pics of them, I'll ask.
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Ohhhhhhh look at those little explorers!! Are they PRECIOUS!!!!!!
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What angels!
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