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feral cats

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Hi everyone, I am a newly registered member, and I take care of a feral colony in Orlando. I have trapped and fixed 5 out of 7 cats in this colony. If anyone has advice about how to find free or low-cost neutering and spaying, please let me know.
I also have 4 rescued cats of my own, and two of them have rodent ulcer. If anyone has experience with long term steroid use, please let me know if there are any side effects that I should be aware of. Thanks... I hope to hear from my fellow cat lovers soon.
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Here's a toll free number you can call. They will give you the closest place in your area. It's called Spay USA. 1-800-248-6627.

Good luck.
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This may not be rodent ulcer- but a food allergy. To find out if it is, isolate the cats and feed them a protein you know they have not eaten for in the last 6-8 weeks.If the sores dry up then you don't have to put them through the rigors of steriod shots. Also, if it is rodent ulcer and not a food allergy- sometimes an antibiotic shot directly into the sore does the ticket.

Long term steriod use some of the side effects are sore muscles, liver and kidney problems and cranky kitties! Good luck!
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