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GRRRRRRR! What a horrible day!

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I had the most horrible day today! It started at 8 am and went ok until my first employee shows up at 10:10. He has not shaved and in restaurant work he needs to shave and he has been told this numerous times, so I tell him YET again to shave before he starts. He says" I have no razor" Here you go now go shave. "I don't want to" was his reply. I let him know that if the manager shows up I'm not getting in trouble for him not shaving and his reply to this is I"ll shave quick if she comes in. Why can't they just listen the first time and not argue??? I finally get him to shave after much arguing and the store opens, at 10:30. Ok things are going ok until I ask him to tub some fish for the rush. He goes off again saying he's the only one who has to do this and it's crap. I calmly explain to him he's not the only one who does it and if it's not done daily we can't sell our product. SO after more arguing he tubs the fish. Ok now I'm getting angry. Next he proceeds to tell me how cheap our store is because we start our employees out at $5.15 not more like most places, now I"m pissed and I tell him if he hates it here so badly then maybe he should just quit, to which he replies, I'm never going to quit, you'll have to fire me so I can get unemployment, (little does he know since we were bought out noone is eligible for it until a year from now at LEAST!) Ok now I'm really ticked but still handling it ok, but still he's complaining about us being cheap so I tell him to talk to the owner and he said he's going to contact the BBB because this is and we are taking advantage of him blah blah blah, finally i've had it, I jump on him and tell him I've had it and he has a choice, to either quit complaining and do his job, or go home because I don't want to hear anymore out of him. Then he tells me that he's just taking his bad day out on me. So I snap back I don't want to deal with your bad day, so either stop right now or leave. finally he stops talking except for the odd comment here and there until he goes home. Bascially we butted heads all day, it was OH so fun.
Then to top my day off our truck didn't show up, and we were informed that if we needed our product that we needed to get it at the hotel where the truck driver was staying. Ok now I'm REALLY mad! SO I call to find out where in Clinton the driver is staying only to find out that he's decided to stay in Maquoketa because we can't take a truck until 10:30 tomorrow morning (since HE ran out of hours on his route today) because we have a pregnant woman opening the store who can't lift the boxes and the earliest person coming in is 10:30. Oh now I'm cussing like a sailor let me tell you, (Under my breath of course) SO I call Honey and ask him if he can help me by driving with me to find Maquoketa since I have No directional sense, but NO he's to busy playing with the boys to help me, I hung up on him because I was so mad at him! So I call the manager and interupt her during her sons basketball game and spew the story to her, apologize and ask her what to do, she told me that I could either go and try to find where the driver was at, or have the night crew treat everything we were running out of like Ft Knox gold and hope it lasted until the got there tomorrow.
Oh yikes do I need a drink!!!!!!!! now I'm home taking a with the kitties but still mad at the whole day. Thanks for sticking with my rant this long! I just needed to get it off my chest!
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Sometimes it feels good just to get it off your chest. That does sound like a very bad day from start to getting home with the kitties.
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Oh, Barb! That was some awful day!!
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Yeow! That was a rough day, have a good, relaxing evening with the kitters!
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Yikes that was an awful day!!! I hope you have destressed by now and that today is much better!!
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Yes today is my day off and I've destressed fine so far. Tonight I go and see Nine inch Nails and that'll destress me OH so much more!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!
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