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messy feral cats

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First I want to say I didn't know where to put this thread. Sorry but I thought someone might have some ideas. I have several feral cats in a room in my house. They were spayed and neutered. They have kicked litter all over the carpet and then spilled water on top of this. They do this when playing and they play a lot. I have tried to get it up with everything but it is like cement. Any ideas?
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Darla....I don't know what to suggest except to perhaps buy litterboxes with hoods so that less litter is spilled outside the box. I would also keep their water and food far away from their litterbox.

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I think this belongs more in the Care & Grooming forum than Ferals, since your question is more about the litter than about them being ferals.

It may be partly a feral behavior trait, though. My feral girl will scrape forever and fling litter everywhere! We have one covered box and one open top box with VERY high sides (probably around 10" high), and this seems to work well to keep the flinging litter to a minimum.

I also agree with Katie to keep the food and water well away from the litter boxes.
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The litter boxes are on complete opposite ends of the room from their food and water. They just act like they are digging for gold when covering their stuff. They are so good to use the boxes which I wasn't sure of at first. I guess I should be happy with that huh? If I could vacuum when the litter was first kicked it would take care of the problem, but they are not happy when I use the broom to sweep up food they have spilled. And I don't want to stress them out. Thanks and if someone comes up with any miracle cleaners let me know.
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