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Cat Fountains

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We just got the Petmate cat fountain for our kitties. They seem a little nervous about it. Has anyone else had any problems with their kitties being afraid of the fountain? Is there an adjustment period?
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Yes. I don't have it anymore (it just broke that's all) But here's my experience-

They wouldn't even drink from it at all at first. I waited a couple weeks but they wouldn't use it. Period. I'm not sure if your cats will adjust more easily than mine did, but if not here's what my strategy was-

What I did was filled a small water dish & put it about a foot away from the new fountain. Each day I moved it a little closer. And while they were drinking it, I made a point to fill up the new dish so it made a noise. Eventually the day after it was so close it touched the new one, I put it directly in front of the new one. Then the next day, since it was a small dish, I put it IN the new one. I left it there for about 4 days, then filled up the new dish with water also, so that the small dish in the new dish was filled and so was the new dish. I left it like that for a few days then took the small dish away completely. They were a little confused at first but they used it!!

Good luck with yours.
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It took Much about two days to get used to it. Now she will stare at it for a few minutes, play with the bubbles and then take a long satisfying drink from the stream. The other two didn't have any trouble when we got them.
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Jamie didn't drink from his for the first two or three days. Once he forgot it was new, i.e., got used to the sound, he started to use it.
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Mishka loves it!!!!!! From the very first day we got it- he drunk like he never drunk before! Really, like he was soooo thirsty!
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