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Need just a bit of help

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Hi everyone,
I am trying to write (trying is the key word here, because I am not very good at it! )

Anyway, I have just begun writing a very short article about bringing a new pet into your home....for new pet owners, and current ones who should brush up on their pet ed.

I want to add a list of animal care basics that need to be addressed before one brings that new furkid home.

Education first!I'm wanting to stress education before rushing off and getting that new furkid without realising what the person is getting into, because that situation rarely has a good ending for the animal involved.

The lifelong commitment involved with pet ownership/guardianship.
Feeding requirements....ect.

Anyone have any suggestions for the list??

I can come up a few thing but when I go to write it out my mind goes blank!!

Thanks for reading!

Edited: This will be not just for cats but for all companion animals.
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Average costs per year of an animal, including speuter, food, vaccines, etc, that they know how long an animal can possibly live for and they're willing to accept responsibility for it, it's entire life, possibility of soiling accidents, and what they could mean, not just get rid of them if they start peeing out of the box, good food basics, what vaccines are necessary....that's all I can think of for now...
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I would start by making sure the home is ready for the new pet. Do you need a fence, pet door, appropriate location for litter box, adequete shelter and bedding for an outdoor dwelling pet, etc.
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If they are looking at a pedigree pet, research it beyond the way it looks. Persians are pretty, but do they understand the grooming that is required? Bengals are gorgeous, but do they understand the amount of energy most of them have? Or that Siamese are VERY talkative? Collies are nice, but do they understand the herding drive? How much space will this pet required? Basenjis need a lot of room and constant stimulation (they get bored VERY easily, and when bored they get destructive), and keeping one in an apartment isn't going to work.

Especially for dogs, do they understand how important training is, and do they have the time and resources available to devote to training?

What are the lease, HOA, covenant, local and state laws that will affect them and their new companion? From number and size limits (and I've seen these limits in place in HOAs and covenant controlled communities where the homes are OWNED and not rented), to breed bans, to leash laws, to licensing requirements. They need to know what is expected of them legally.
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Thanks Shannon, Jeff and Heidi!!
Wonderful ideas especially about the laws...wouldn't have thought of that!

Keep the ideas coming!!
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What about allergies?? How to handle a special needs cat. Introducing pet to immediate family members. Inside vs outside cat. People food that is bad/harmful to cats. Cats clawing on furniture or damaging other property (plants/curtains).
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