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I have two cats. Two days ago one of them, Cleo, threw up. She tried to throw up again this morning but one little pebble of food came up. I also found diarrhea in the litter box yesteray and today. I'm assuming it's from Cleo but I can't be sure because they share the litter boxes. The only cause I can think of is the treats we gave them a few days ago. We usually give Whisker Lickins for treats. This time hubby bought the tartar control version of Whisker Lickins, which are crunchy. Cleo ate them the first day, but turned her nose up after that. Maybe they made her stomach sick and she knows it? Seh still eats the moist treats. I saw Alex eat a few minutes ago, but I don't know about Cleo. She definitely wants treats though. She's acting normal as far as I can see. The vet said to watch them, determine who's got the diarrhea, and bring them in if it continues. I don't know if I should bring them in now, though, because we are in for a blizzard tonight into tomorrow.
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Oh boy...these things never happen at a convenient time.
Whenever I am in doubt ... it's off to the vet.
I am sure that you will use good judgment.
Good luck with the storm.
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We decided to call the 24 hr emergency vet and go from there. They said to put her on a bland diet - shredded boiled chicken - and see if that doesn't help her reconstitute her stool. If in a couple of days it's still loose, then we should bring her in. At this point she's still producing loose stool, and ony in small amounts. She's hungry as ever and acting completely normal otherwise. If things aren't a little more 'solid' by Wednesday we're taking her in.
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I sure hope that she is OK.
Please keep us posted.
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