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Help Help!! I think i've gone crazy!

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Some of you know that im kind of hyped up about the guy around here..
And now I really really like him, i want him to know for sure but i cant be too direct!
I dont know what to do!!!!

I am kind of confused to whether he likes me the same way or not and its been soo long since i dated and got in a relationship! because i was with ben for over 2 years!

So this is why im asking you Lovely people to help me out!

I cant text msg him so scrap that idea!

I am going around in circles and going crazy seriously no koje!
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How do you speak to him at the moment by IM?, and i take it you've met him?.

Just take it slow Fran because you've just come out of one relationship, so get to know him a bit first by asking him questions
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He is kevin! the one that took me ice skating and to the ice hockey game... and ive talked to him on the phone pretty often, but i dont want to call every day incase it annoys him
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So because you can't text i take it he hasn't got a mobile?!.

What was the last thing that was said in your last conversation, eg: did he say he would ring?, and how often do you speak to him now?
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No its because i havent finished off paying my bill, so i can only receive calls. He has a mobile..
Well i spoke to him last night.. He had to work today from 8 am till 11 pm he had an exam and he wasnt able to work throughout the week.
he told me he would write me an sms but he didnt say when.......
I am so paranoid!
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Fran, he has to work another three hours, so don't get yourself all worked up because you haven't received his SMS yet.
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Chill out girly! I'm sure he'll call ya soon! Thoes 'ants in your pants' are awful huh?
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Is spring here already????
Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
Chill out girly! I'm sure he'll call ya soon! Thoes 'ants in your pants' are awful huh?
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fran, you know what I think!

You need to ask him if he likes you or whats happening!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
Chill out girly! I'm sure he'll call ya soon! Thoes 'ants in your pants' are awful huh?
Too horrible They are crawling all over my body!

I am going out in about 30 minutes to a street full of pubs haha..

I guess those ants will have to keep on crawling untill i see him again
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If he's said he would text you then just wait for it because it's going to be late when he gets back and he maybe tired, so don't stress if he doesn't text.
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Valentines day is Tuesday. Its ok for a girl to ask a guy on a date. I'd ask him out someplace and see how it goes.. you never know till you ask..
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When I was back home I used to text my BF from online as it was so expensive to send an international SMS... so you should still be able to text him.
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what site would i text him from? Nothing is free anymore.
I'm a bit freaked out as i havent heard a word from him, he has a presentation to do tomorrow so im not going to call him tonight.

This is just sickening! these butterflies in my belly wont stop tickling me!
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I agree with the Valentine's Day thing. If you don't want to come right out and ask him if he likes you, ask him to go out that night, but I'd ask him today or tomorrow if you can, so he doesn't make other plans. Don't bring up that it's V-Day, then see if he shows up with anything like flowers. I'd have a back-up card for him, just in case he gets you something, then you won't feel empty handed. I'd make it a funny card, so he doesn't get weirded out.. Just ask him out for some fun, maybe a movie. If a guy's gonna make a move, they usually will do it in the theater. Watch his body language. I went out with a guy a few times to movies, and both times, he'd have his arms crossed and/or legs leaned AWAY from me. Both are sure signs he's not really interested. Of course, if he puts his arm around you or holds your hand, you can safely assume he likes you.
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I just got off the phone to him..
You see he asked me to get him these pingui cocos stuff from sicily, but when i went to the store they didnt have it, so i bought him "baci" chocolate from the airport, and chewing gum. He absolutely loves it when i say Chewy i have no idea why!
Anyway i said to him.. Your chocolates are here.. when do you want them? because they look really yummy... and he said nooo you cant eat them! we will do something this week!

we were talking about how he had promised that he would stay an extra few days at his uni to spend some time with his friends (he has holidays from tomorrow afternoon) But he wasnt sure weather he was going to stay, He told his mum while he was on the phone that he would be back on Tuesday

He promised to see me this week, and then he said he will call me. BUT HE DIDNT SAY WHEN!
WHile we were saying bye bye, teufel jumped up and knocked the phone, so i was telling him how teufel likes men and that he had to come and give him a cuddle and he sounded a bit confused to why he should cuddle teufel! and then i said you cant just cuddle him though.. i might get jealous and then we were laughing. When i think about it now i have no idea why?

Oh re reading this thread about me is just making me laugh, im enjoying being a loved up kid
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