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Cats and tea?

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I know this sounds like a silly question, but will drinking iced tea hurt cats? I don't give it to them on purpose, but if I leave my glass in a room, I'll often come back to find a cat with its head buried in the glass. Yes, they have water and plenty of it (although I might try putting ice in their water to see if that's what they like about my tea), but we just have a few cats that seem to really have a taste for iced tea. They love the stuff.
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i doubt the caffeine, sugar and lemon is very good for them. But it's not like your giving them bowls of the stuff!
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Some cats prefer to drink out of glasses (or anything but their water bowl!). You might try leaving a decoy glass of water for them too.
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I, too, have a cat that seems to have a taste for tea, though in Purdy's case it is "hot" tea in a mug, not a glass. By the time he gets it, though, it is probably close to room temperature. Every time I leave my desk or table for a minute where I might have been drinking tea, I find it necessary to put my mug up on the bookcase or in the microwave or some other location Purdy can't get to or I'll find his face in my tea, drinking. Neither of the other two do this. They may sniff of it, but don't drink it. I don't put sugar in my tea so there is not that problem. However, since I don't know if it might be bad for him, I do try to avoid the problem.
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