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Festus misses Blue!

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These are pics taken of Festus the day after Blue was adopted. She is in the kitty chair, on top of blankies, which is a normal spot for the kitties to nap. But she is facing my bedroom, where sometimes Blue would sneak away. There is a tiny hole from the laundry room into my room, so the kittens can sneak in, but not the big cats. So Fest was sleeping in the chair, waiting for Blue, and I have never seen her look so sad!

Still waiting.

Here is Festie, watching for "her" kitten to come out. The bedroom door was opened by dh, and she looked so hopeful!

These pics just make me cry. When I got Blue, she was basically feral. And while the people in my house tried our best to tame her, much of her training was done by Festus. She was never more than 10 feet from Blue for several months, except when Blue hid in my bedroom. I even took Fest with to Blue's first adoption show. While Fest was pretty nervous in the cage, Blue was just fine. She knew her bodyguard was there!

After taking the pics, I took Festie into my room and explained to her that Blue was gone. I aplogized for letting her baby go. Since Fest was spayed young, she never had kittens. Until Blue and Jasmine (Red). And Festie always preferred Blue.

I tried to give her extra loving that day, and she purred and cheered up. But I am done fostering. Tomorrow my last foster Mom CoCo, and her final 2 kittens will go to new foster homes, hopefully to be adopted soon. I can't do it anymore. I can't keep giving up cats. I can't keep getting rid of my cats companions. And my kids beloved babies.

Here is one of Garfield with Jasmine (Red) and Blue.

Blue is very happy in her new home. She lays on her new Daddy's chest. She has hit it off with her new jet black kitty companion. I'm glad she is the princess of her new house. I'm happy she is so beloved. But I miss her.
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Oh poor Festus! I'm sure Festus will perk up soon! I'm glad to hear Blue has a nice new home though!
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Thanks. Festus is doing much better already. She spends a lot more time with Jasmine (Red) than she used to. But the first full day without Blue was pretty hard on her.
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Poor Festus

You are really amazing for have fostered these kitties! I always think that when people foster!

Is Jasmine staying with you?
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Yes, we are keeping Jasmine. Although Blue became a totally tame lovebug, her sister Jasmine remains pretty shy. I decided that she would never tolerate going to a show to be adopted. Also that the change to a new home would be difficult for her. Where Blue was resilient and adaptable, Jasmine is scared in new situations.

Blue climbed up on my lap every night, Jasmine never has. She is very loving with the other cats, especially Garfield. She is very sweet and doesn't bite or scratch. She will approach a person to eat a treat, or play with a string toy, but never just for affection. She looks at people as if she is afraid of what they will do to her, and runs from us when we enter a room.

We are still working with her, but as I wanted to add a third cat, Jasmine is the one. While she is not as much of a lovebug as Blue, she is very sweet and special in her own way. She is the extra companion the cats needed to help them get along better. And I hope that in time she will become more tame.

Since Blue left, I try to engage Jasmine in string play every day, and already she is running from me less. She follows me around the house if I am dragging the string toy, so she is learning to "chase" me. I give her (and Gar and Fest) treats.

But I can't believe how hard it was to rehome Sugartoes and Blue. I just can't do it anymore, at least for now!
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Festus is a really beautiful, loving kitty. Here is a hug sweet girl.
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Awwww bless his little cotton socks, look at his face I'm pleased he's a lot better now though And the picture of the 3 snuggling is just so precious
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Aww...Festus does look sad.
You've done so much for so many kitties, it is understandable that you need to take some time from fostering. If you find you are ready again, you know the need will always be there.
Great work, I applaud you.
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Thanks, Sunnicat. Hopefully I can do it at least a few more times. I gave CoCo and her last two kittens to a new foster home yesterday, and the house feels pretty empty. I hope I get the urge for kittens again at some point, but feel totally used up right now!
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