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Annoying Meowing

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My 9 month old female cat has this annoying meow, which sounds more like a gurlge type noise.(She is fixed...) She does this early in the morning, starting at around 3AM, off and on. It gets so bad, that I have to kick her and Oreo out (Oreo too as I feel bad kicking out only Nutmeg), but I can't take it. I don't know what she is trying to tell me. Some nights it's less but it is EVERY night. She will make this noise throught out the day too. It's a sound that just grates on me. The cats have food and water out so maybe she's just bored? Does anyone else have a cat that makes this sound? Any suggestions?
Thank you
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You might think I am kidding....but try using ear plugs. They work wonderfully in situations like this!

Also, you can put the cat in another room at night....there's nothing wrong with this.

Finally, whatever you do, do NOT get up and let her out or give her food or anything else when she yowls. When you do this, you are giving her attention for yowling, which ultimately teaches her that when she wants attention at night all she has to do is make a lot of noise. Ear plugs are a great way of ignoring this behavior and teaching her that she gets nothing out of being so loud.
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she probably wants attention
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How long has she been doing this for? When did you have her spayed? When my cat was in heat it was a very distinct gurgling meow. Usually it was more intense late at night and in the mornings, not so much during the day. It may be possible that when they spayed her they didn't get everything. It's not common but it's more common than you may think, lol.
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i think you are her skwicky toy. She is bothering you to get a result- some kind of respond from you. My cat did that too. now he is in the huge cage in the loundryroom at night. the cage is 4 ft tall with 2 banches, water and food. i bought an automatic heater which keeps temperature on 68 level.
let me know if whant to see a picture of the cage. first i felt realy bad about put him away for nights. now i think this is just what we need. my husband and me sleep all night. cat used to the cage and even goes into it sometimes in day time to sleep on top shelf.
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Thanks for all the replies. Nutmeg has been spayed for a few months. When she starts meowing like this, I do ignore her. I don't think I ever responded as I knew I didn't want to start a pattern. It's very interesting that she does this around the same time every morning... between 3 and 6 in the morning. I've had to resort to kicking her and Oreo out of the bedroom so I can get some sleep. I don't like doing that as I prefer to have my bedroom door open, which also allows me to hear what's going on in the house. Oreo is very curious and loves to play with things he shouldn't. Many times I wake up to a crash or thud and have to run out and see what happened. Between the 2 of them, I never get a full nights sleep. If I had the room I would put them in their own room, but I have a small one bedroom condo.
Maybe they'll grow out of this.. I can hope!!
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