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Good Cat Food?

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I currently own Sphynx kittens/cats. I have them on Natural Balance dry food, but this isn't working out all of them have horrible runny poops and they go numerous times everyday. We have tried Science Diet, Nutro but to no avail...they love to smell the house us ALL day long. I am researching this a different brand. Does anyone know of or use Innova Evo Cat Food. I would really be interested in hearing from anyone that has any information.

Thank you.
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I tried evo and works well for my dog in her mix but not for the cat...

which nutro did you try??

have you tried california natural ???

which NB are you using???

Have the kittens been wormed??
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We tried Nutro Max Chicken & Nutro Natural.

We currently have them on the Natural Balance (regular I guess) not the Pea or whatever.

Yes they have all been wormed and check very recently. They just poop way too much and as I am typing they are in there again AHHH. I just think that after reading up on this Natural Balance it eems to have alot of fillers in it. We tried Science diet and that seems even worse...
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Well EVO has the least filler but it is equal in the amount of kitties that its to rich for as those that are okay...

I would try california natural /// very similiar to Natural choice with out the corn gluten..

I would sugest going more basic, single protein single grain ... and see if chn could be the problem or if your kitties are grain sensitive ...

Silly question have you left them on one food at least a month after slowly transitioning to the new from the old food??

Have you tried just wet food??
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I use Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul. All of my cats, including my abby do really well on it.
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Silly question have you left them on one food at least a month after slowly transitioning to the new from the old food??
Not a silly question at all...all the food switching can cause diarrhea, so transitions should be made VERY slowly, and unless something catastrophic happens, I think you need to stay on a food for a while before you discontinue it for another food.

That being said, I think Evo is a great food for healthy cats and it removes the grains that may be a culprit in food sensitivities that may sometimes cause diarrhea.
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my cats are crazy about innova evo. When I first gave it to them, their poo was a little runny, but I think it was because they were eating all the evo and leaving their old food (nutro) in the bowl so it wasn't a gradual food change. Now their stools are fine, they look healthy, and my picky eaters are still addicted to the evo kibble. However, they do go to the bathroom alot, but I find that a good sign, atleast they're not constipated.
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I think the Innova and California Natural is made by the same company. The California Natural has fewer ingredients and one protein source which is why the company markets it as a food for sensitive or allergic cats.
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We've been feeding mostly Wellness dry and canned for about three years, last month I bought home a small bag of the EVO for my three girlies to test out...they all love it! I haven't really noticed any big change in their pooping habits, but they did transition gradually and were already used to getting the odd bag of Organix or Chicken Soup for variety.
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I love Innova EVO! I used to feed it to my dogs before I switched them to raw. Abby has had a few cans of it and she likes it. I love that it's grain free and high protein.
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California Natural is good since it's a very simple formula.

It's also very important that they have canned food to protect their urinary tract health.
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