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becoming a problem.

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I am gone overnight one day a week.

Tonight, when I came home, I realized that while i had been gone Samuel had been playing on the stove and had accidentally turned on the gas. I have no idea how long it had been on, but my apartment reeks of it.

As you might assume, this has the potential to be a serious problem.

How can I prevent this from happening again? The knobs don't come off. I tried.
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You'll need to find a way to close off the kitchen while you are away. Perhaps you can install a door to keep the cat out, or stack baby gates in the door way.
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You might want to check into baby safety devices. I've heard of devices to cover the knobs on your stoves etc to keep toddlers from playing with them...seems like it should fix your problem too. Try online?
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Smart kitty ! Too bad he couldn't help out with the cooking Seriously, though, I would also ask the gas company if they know of a source for knob-covers, since they are a good idea for folks with toddlers in the house. If you find an answer, please let the rest of us know! That's the kind of safety information we all need to know & share! Susan
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A company called "Safety 1st" sells stove knob covers. They are intended to prevent small children from accidentally turning on the burners, but it sounds as if your little furbaby needs them now!
Here is one link. If you do a search, you'll find a ton of sites that sell them. Good luck!
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Thanks a lot!
I'll be ordering one of those knob covers tonight.

I would just keep him out of the kitchen, but I live in a one bedroom apartment. The living room and kitchen are combined, and the largest room in the house. Unless I want to lock him in the bedroom, I'll have to find another solution.
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