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Hi all!

About 5 minutes ago, I starting whistling; which I never do. Well, it turns out my girls love the sound of whistling! They were completely digging me!! The more I whistled, the more they digged me.... However, when Stevie was on her hinde legs looking at me, she swatted my glasses off!! I know she did not mean it in an angry way so I did not get mad at her. I just stopped what I was doing and started to type! I figured ignoring her behavior is the right thing to do (which is what I learned on this forum).

Anyway, my question is.....why was my whistling making them so interested in me?? They were rubbing my legs, looking at me so lovingly, etc... It was great!!

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I don't know why your cats respond so well. Maybe someone else will have an idea, but my sister had a cat that seemed to like whistling. She would come up very close to you if you did. It was cute.
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It really was cute.... I just hope I don't get hurt in the process!
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Mine have come to me when I whistle for years. A lot of cats seem to like it.
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It's hysterical!!! I can't stop whistling now!!
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Cats hear very high sounds well and 'speak' it - listen to their squeaks. It's natural for them to respond - they think you've finally got it! They'll respond to you better too if you raise your voice higher... try it.
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Now i've just tried whistling and the two of mine are fast asleep, but Rosie popped her head up straight away
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I just whistled and Harley just looked at me like I was completely out of my mind, and went back to playing
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I whislted to Meeka and meaowed in reponse!
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I forgot to mention that they meow back at me too! It's great!!
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One of the cats I grew up with used to follow my dad around when he would whistle, he loved it too.
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I've just tried it again now their up and about, and Rosies making those trill noises at me

Sophie couldn't care less, she's watching the birds out the window
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Stevie holds conversation with me now!! Layla just comes to me and wants to be petted!!
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