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A Notation

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I know I posted this a while back, but I thought I should make an update to the post called in tears. I found out the poor kitties name who we hit on our way home from the first night of college for me. His name was chevy. He had escaped his owners arms because he was scared at his new home, he was a young 3 years old and neutered. At least he is happy at the rainbow bridge.

Chevy, I hope you understand how sorry we are for hitting you. At least now you're family is at peace now knowing what happened to you. I'm sorry it ended the way it did, but we didn't mean it. I hope you meet your family at the bridge when its their time, and I hope you'll be there for me when its my time.
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What a touching post! You are truly very caring to let us know that Chevy had a family & a name. Yes, I am sure that Chevy will be among the first to greet you when you cross!
Condolences to Chevy's family. You are so right, at least they know his fate, and can move on, to grieve, to heal, to love another kitty again.
It sounds like the accident has touched you very deeply, and I hope & pray that your pain heals quickly. Susan
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I was just humming a country song that I felt appropriate for chevy, its called Riding With Private Andrew Malone.

I was just out of the service
Thumbing through the classifieds
When an ad that said Old Chevy
Somehow caught my eye.

The lady didn't even know the year
Or even if it ran, but I had that
thousand dollars in my hand.

It was way back in the corner
Of this old ramshackle barn
With 30 years of dust and dirt
On that green army tarp
But when I pulled the cover off
It took away my breath
For what she called a Chevy
Was a '66 Corvette

I felt a little guilty as I counted out the bills,
But what a thrill I got when I sat behind the wheel.
I opened up the glove-box and that's when I found
The note, it was dated 1966 and this is what he wrote

He said:

"My name is Private Andrew Malone.
And if you're reading this then I didn't make it home,
But for every dream that's shattered there's another
That comes true, this car was once a dream of mine
Now it belongs to you.
Though you may take her and make her your own
You'll always be riding with Private Malone."

It didn't take me long at all I had her running good.
I loved to hear those horses thunder underneath her hood.
I had her shining like a diamond and I put the wreck-top down.
And all the pretty girls would stop and stare
As I drove her through town.

The buttons on the radio didn't seem to work quite right
But it picked up that oldies show, especially late at night
I get the feeling sometimes if I turn real quick I'd see
The soldier riding shot-gun in the seat right next to me.

One night it was raining hard I took the curve to fast
I don't remember much about that fiery crash
Someone said they thought they saw a soldier pull me out
They didn't get his name, but I know without a doubt

It was a young man named Private Andrew Malone
Who fought for his country and never made it home
But for every dream that's shattered another one comes true
That car was once a dream of his back when it was new.
I know I wouldn't be here if he hadn't tagged along.
As that night I was riding with Private Malone.
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I'm sure Chevy will know how much of a cat lover you are and that it was an accident
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Thank you for caring about Chevy and his family. Prayers of comfort for all of you.
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Kitties are just too cute to die. But they are the most understanding and comforting of all animals. I'm sure if Chevy could talk (in english of course) he would forgive you. That's what the rainbow bridge is for. Once a kitty gets there, they are able to forgive. We just can't always feel it. Chevy is in such a better place now, full of cat nip and toy mice and bowls of milk. The kitties days are probably just spent waiting to meet their "people". Then they can tell them that they forgive them. Hugs and prayers.
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May memories of Chevy comfort his family. May the efforts you made on behalf of Chevy comfort you. It was just a hearbreaking accident.

Perhaps a new angel kitty was needed at the Rainbow Bridge right then?

RIP sweet kitty Chevy, until you see your people again.
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thankyou for letting us know. I remember your story.

sweet Chevy - play happily darling
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