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What is your usual TCS routine?

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So what do you usual do right away when you come on TCS?
-Poll coming up soon, it will be MULTIPLE SELECTION where you can choose more than one thing, meaning you can check more than one box - all that applies (sometimes people don't get it so I just wanted to emphasize this)

Usually I read any PM's, check some threads that I've made that I'd like to see replies to, check other threads I've been involved in, and then click 'new posts' and go from there.

How about you?
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Lately, I'm online less than one hour but I make it a point to visit TCS. So I check any PMs, go to my favorite forums and read the replies to an interesting thread posted on my last visit.
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My computer time has been severely hampered, too, lately But if nothing else, I visit TCS & cruise the thread titles, esp. Feline SOS & Crossing the Bridge. Then I go to the PMs, & then to the fun stuff!
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I usually check my PM's and then check out certain threads - or check out New Posts
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PMs, New Posts, then to PawS & Reflect to post in Ari's thread and Smudge's.
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New Posts - always first
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I read any pm's thats there first and reply straight back if necessary, then i go into the Moderators lounge, then the Premier lounge, then fur pages and Crossing the Bridge as their the forums i cover, then the lounge, then the health forum, behaviour, IMO, then work my way through the rest to see whats happening
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I haven't been online a lot lately, so when I'm on, I read PM's, and then start in the cat lounge.
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I never get any PM's.
My favorite forum is Caption This, then the lounge.
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Generally I check out the Sig forum, them IMO, then the lounge then the other forums, unless I am interested in a certain thread I posted on / seen before or get a PM in which case I check that first
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If I get a PM, I'll check that out first. If not, I check The Lounge first.
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I check PM's if there are any, then tend business. Then hit my favourite forums, or if time is short just New Posts.
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