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When to give kittens food?

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Showing me ignorance here - but am asking anyways. Goldie's kittens will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. They are all gaining fairly well - even the runt, Little Petie Peepers is coming along. I am giving Goldie extra nutrition and treats and all the kittens seem to be getting enough to eat. Sometimes I take the other 4 out and let little Petie have at her by himself.
Now to the question...when should I start to introduce some baby food or kitten glop recipe?
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When the kittens are 6 weeks old and fully weaned from Mom is a good time Debra. Use a shallow plate and be ready with clean up because they will wade right in and get busy! Feed them 4-5 times a day in small amounts, their stomachs bloat quickly when they eat. To get them interested in drinking water, dribble tuna juice or sardine juice or juice from canned food into the water, and float something on top to entice them. I take a plastic straw and cut it in half and just float it there. It encourages them to drink.
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Thanks Hissy - I was just worried that they might need a supplement starting now. Always worrying about them.
PS - Goldie let me pick her up and actually HOLD her tonight for a couple of minutes! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!
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That is cool!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow Debra! That is great! Goldie may adapt pretty well to being an inside kitty after all.

So how about more pics of the little ones??? You know we have to all watch them grow up and get our kitten fix!
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I will take more pics this weekend and send them to Sandie to post -but she has been away and might be too busy. so anyone else???????? I am so baaaaaaaaddddddddd!!!
Three weeks old today! So cute......love them all. and Mom will be a GREAT indoor kitty with me - no expectations except using the litter box!!
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I would suggest intoducing them to canned food at 3-4wks of age. They may nibble on the canned food but they will still need to drink their mothers milk until at least 6wks. My kittens were nibbling on iams canned kitten food at 3wks and sometimes they would even nibble at the dry food that I soaked in water for them. They still nursed during this time also and were fully weaned by 7wks. Here is a helpful link.
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