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We're expecting a blizzard tomorrow here in New England!!

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...And I am SO excited!!!!!!!!

It hasn't snowed here in CT for at least a month. And between now and January it hasn't snowed more than an inch at most. There is no snow at all on the ground right now, and lately it's been in the 50's, raining sometimes, dull, cloudy. And overall just BLAH weather over the past few weeks. Everything just seems to stand still. Even time. It doesn't seem like any particular season right now. It's very weird and it's driving me nuts!!!

So after 2 months of NOTHING I'm really looking forward to the big storm coming up real soon in my area, strange as it may sound! It's expected to bring 10-12 inches of snow and 40 mph winds. I don't care how bad the roads will be (except for other people's safety) or power outages at this point.
I want winter back!!

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Lucky you!

We had a pretty nice snowfall yesterday - only an inch tho, I'm definately ready for a big snow storm to trap me in all weekend (after we get groceries tonite tho!) I don't think we're expecting anymore snow really - nothing huge anyways.

I agree with you, I want winter back too!

I figure if its gonna be cold, we might as well have snow too!!
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Originally Posted by babyharley

I figure if its gonna be cold, we might as well have snow too!!
Me too !

But till now the evil weather-people have been disappointing me and making the weather so dreary When I turn on the radio in the morning or flip the tv to the weather channel they're s'posed to say it's gonna snow, really PRETTY snow, so much snow I don't have to go anywhere!!!!!!

Finally they get it right
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We didn't even get a measly inch today. The "storm" they call them Saskatchewan screamers" as they are always fast moving meaning not much snow accumulation!! We have like 3 inches or so on the ground due to weather of the past week or so. I'll have to fire up my NOAA weather radio!!
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Well I for one don't want snow! I just posted about flying out of Philly on Monday morning for my cruise. Snow isn't handled down here like it was in upstate NY. Maybe moreso in Philly, but I'm about 1 1/2hr drive from there. So you can have allllll the snow you want up there in New England, but for now it needs to stay nice here!
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I'm pleased to have winter back too! This week's been nice and snow covered, and we finally went skiing again. Even though driving is more of a pain, I prefer a snowy winter to this dreary rainy blah stuff.
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Storms going to hit here in Maine also. It says up to 10 inches.I HATE snow...I'm not looking forward to it at all.The gound is bare as it has been almost all winter..Its really cold here tonight also says its the coldest night so far this winter... I just peeked out at my thermometer its just ZERO...Brrrrr. Hurry up spring...The only thing I like about winter, is the cats don't ding at me to get outside..
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I like weekend storms, I don't have to go anywhere and can take my time with the snow removal. I hate clearing out snow right before I go to work. My husband got groceries yesterday so I wouldn't have to be out with the masses who do storm shopping. Thank goodness. I can run other errands and avoid that chaos.
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We were supposed to get up to 4 inches in sw Ohio as a result of the same weather system, but now it looks like it'll bypass us and we'll just get a dusting. We've only had one good snow this season and that was back in Dec., which is kind of disappointing. I don't like driving in the snow, but it's so beautiful and it's fun being snowbound. It makes me feel all warm and cozy.
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Please Take it! You are welcome to it! We got a dusting. That's all I want!
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I'm so excited!!!!! I know I sound like a child.
It's coming here around 9:00 - 12:00 pm here and NOW they're predicting anywhere from 10-14 inches in my area!!!!!

I just hope they clear the roads for Monday.

Anybody else getting this storm too?
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We're having a mix of snow and rain right now. But last time I looked it was more snow than rain. Just so it gets its nasty self out of here and the roads clear by very early monday morning!
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Supposed to dip into the 30's for the next two nights here in Miami...Very cold by our standards! Even us transplanted Yankees think it's cold! Going to an outdoor jazz concert Valentine's night, so we gotta bundle up for that one!
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I'm actually really jealous of you all! I lived in Upstate NY for five years and always really enjoyed the big snows--well, so long as we didn't lose power, and I didn't have to go anywhere! My last year in NY I lived one house down from 2 of my best girlfriends, and whenever it would snow we would watch Sex and the City DVDs and do our nails, lots of fun!
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