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It snows....

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...and then it doesn't! I'm a little confused? Who ordered the weather so weird?

Who makes it snow only on the days the Humane Society is open? Then they have to close due to wether & I think I'm starting to suffer from withdrawl! Now if only it would snow when I have class....then I wouldn't have to go!

Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't snow & the weather is good enough tomorrow for the HS to be open for me, please!

Is it snowing & the not snowing, or snowing & sunny(at the same time) anywhere else?
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Oh I do hope it doesn't snow for you tomorrow!

And let's hope it snows next time you have class right?!!

Well the weather around here has NOT been normal for the past 2 months! Lately it's been in the mid to upper 50's, sunny, NO snow on the ground, etc. Typically at this time of the year in New England, it'd be in the teens to upper 20's and snowing every few days. This is just weird it doesn't seem like winter.

BUT we're expecting a blizzard tomorrow!!!!!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover
Who ordered the weather so weird?
we are asking the same question over on this side of the world.

its the middle of summer... last week it reached the mid 40's C (about 107F), yesterday it got down to 16C (60F) and I had to turn the heat on.

whats going on? where has our summer gone
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Yesterday we got an inch or so of snow - but then today it was so nice out - sun shining and everything - still pretty cold, but some of the snow melted

I want a good COLD winter!! With TONS of snow!
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I'd be happy to never be in cold weather again. Although, I do like a good blizzard. Which we are, I think, getting tomorrow night/sunday.
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