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"Now it is time for your nap, mom"

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Not a question here. But I thought some of you would get as big a kick out of Red Cat's behavior today as I did.

RC's favorite place to be petted is in bed at night. And he is the most petting-crazy cat I've ever seen. On those few occasions I continued to pet him as long as he wanted, it was often 45 to 55 minutes before he stopped giving me another head bump or reaching for my hand with his paw, implying "more, more!" Often he will come into my computer room or sewing room about 8:30 PM and start begging me to come to bed. I rarely go then, and am more likely to stay up until midnight.

Well, I'm retired and since I have such bad sleeping habits and may get only 2-5 hours of sleep at night, I often take a nap. Often he is outside when I do, so he hadn't previously developed a habit of napping with me. But this morning about 10:00 he started meowing and meowing, then led me to the bedroom and just sat there looking at the bed, like "get in it, mom." It wasn't until then that it dawned on me that by chance I'd taken a nap about the same time for three consecutive days and because it was so windy out, he had elected to stay in and nap with me intead of venturing out.

So now I've got a little feline "boss" to tell me not only when to go to bed at night, but when to take a daytime nap. Like he is my daddy. Somehow I sense that there is something wrong here.
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That is so sweet! He loves you and wants you to be well rested, not to mention he wants to be well petted!
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Awwwwwwwwwww that is just soooo sweet! I'm still smiling now!

Sophie usually stands on her back legs and taps on my leg when i'm on the computer late, and i always take that as a hint that it's time for bed
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When I am sitting at the computer, Pudge will walk up, place her front paws on my leg and "Mrow?". If I pick her up, she curls up and goes to sleep in my lap. If I don't, she goes to one of her other sleeping spots.
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That is v. cute. You've trained him to announce your nap time.

The best I can do with if I'm ready for a nap I announce it to her and she, who has been catnapping elsewhere, immediately gets up, runs to the bedroom, and curls up in her "spot" on the blanket for our naps. She's too fast for me - I cant get under the covers before she's ready to sleep.
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That's very sweet. Doesn't take 'em long to discern a pattern, and enforce it, does it?
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That is so nice! What a smart little guy!
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That's adorable. One of my old girls, Princess, always does this. She gets upset if anyone in the household is up past midnight or sleeping in past 9. Puppy started sending us off to bed this week too, and he got especially annoyed when we came in at 1:30 the other night. At least he lets us sleep in though.

I think some cats just like routine. Princess always slept with me, but Puppy will always prowl for a couple hours and doesn't go to bed until 3 am. He still wants US in bed by midnight though!
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Rambo tells me what to do at night and in the morning. He'll wait till i'm settled in bed and then come in and meow until i move the covers so he can jump up. And come 7am, he'll start meowing and continue until i give up and get up to fee them.
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Several years ago, I had a virus and for about a week would nap at the same time everyday. Jasper would sleep with me. After that, he would come in and let me know it was naptime. Apparently, he couldn't sleep without me.
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I normally get up between 5:30 and 6:00 on weekdays. Both Swanie and Cynthia will start meowing and pawing at the door just around that time, and will keep it up until I get up and tend to them. The annoying thing is, they don't seem to realize when it's the weekend
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Awww, my Clyde does that, too: he'll jump up on the desk to give me a nosekiss and a deep, soulful gaze that means it's bedtime. If I don't follow him to bed right away, he pads around on the desk until he finds just the right spot to sprawl across my work and lean his head back so I can scritch his chin for him... and if I stop too soon, he opens his eyes and looks over his shoulder at me to request further scritching.

I've often ended up falling asleep bent over the desk with my arms around Clyde and my cheek on his furry little side. Not good for the back... but oh boy, is it good for the soul! :-D
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This is sort of related :
today I went to take a nap, and I shut the door like I usually do (Sam thinks the bed means playtime) but I must not have shut it all the way. A few minutes later I heard him playing with the corner of the door, and I sat up and looked at him. He stared at me for a minute, and then quietly pulled this door all the way shut with his paw and stopped making noise.

He looked a little guilty as he did it too. I guess he felt bad for waking me up!
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